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Custom alert sounds

Really need to customize the notification sound.  For instance, I want to be alerted to motion on some cameras while sleeping, but the notification sound is not enough to do that because it is too brief and I just sleep right through it.  Would be nice to select an mp3, or at least provide some more aggressive options for alerts.  Perhaps even per camera custom sounds, as one can do with ringtones for different contacts.


The alert sound on Ios is definitely inadequate for this app.  I sure hope this is addressed soon.  I changed all of the other alerts on my Iphone to be very different sounds, so at least I can recognize when the alerts are coming from arlo, but the alert needs to be able to be a more "severe" one.

Okay now it just seems like we are being trolled. NetGear revamped their Arlo app but we still don’t have the option to change the sound. I guess changing the icon of the app was more important than listening to your customer concerns. I give up!


Yes I find it very frustrating that they can spend time updating the app without addressing the main problem.....inadequate notification sounds! 😡

@sn0wballz wrote:

Currently, there is no way to change the notification sound on the iOS Arlo app. From my understanding, the notification sounds for each app need to be configured inside of the application and cannot be changed through the iOS settings. The generic alert is not sufficient for alerts on motion detection.



Hey Netgear - do you plan to implement this in the app?

Surely it's not that hard, and it is really frustrating that I can't tell that my SECURITY camera is trying to alert me rather than any other app on my phone. I know you can do it on android, so why not on Iphone?


Exactly the issue I have.


 Have to say best camera system ever except, no sound alerts.  How can it be called a security camera without sound alerts.  Returned mine to store for Ring.


I would LOVE to have this feature as well!! Or even just one priority camera that has an option for differant notification alert. 


Arlo... why is there no way to change notification sounds on iOS. I am so disappointed to find out I cannot change this setting. This should be a sound that is a much better alert if we want one. Please fix this issue. 


I have Ring too. I can tell if a notification is from Ring or from some other apps by its distintive sound. Then i can choose to check or ignore it. At least I have to choice. I wish Arlo can do the same. As of now, I could not even tell if a notification comes from Alro, a text message, or other apps. Unlike a text message, an Arlo message is usually time sensitive. If Ring can have its own tone, Arlo can do it. It is unlikely Apple prohibits app developer from adding its own notification tone. I really wish Arlo can add this feature asap.  


Adding my comment to the pool.  Got my Arlo Pro 2 system today and like everyone else here, I found the default alert to be too quiet when asleep.  Otherwise a solid system, but without this feature it’s of no value to me.  I will be boxing it all back up and returning tomorrow as Netgeara responses have been vague at best for almost 2 years.  It’s clear this will not be resolved.  What a shame!

I changed my notification sounds by going to my files, audio, and finding the sound I have downloaded.  I select the sound, hit edit, hit move (or copy), and drop it in my notifications file on my cell phone.  It magicially appears in my Arlo notifications list.