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Custom alert sounds for Android/iOS

Really need to customize the notification sound.  For instance, I want to be alerted to motion on some cameras while sleeping, but the notification sound is not enough to do that because it is too brief and I just sleep right through it.  Would be nice to select an mp3, or at least provide some more aggressive options for alerts.  Perhaps even per camera custom sounds, as one can do with ringtones for different contacts.


I am hoping this will help some of you out until Netgear adds this feature. You can download the app ifttt on your iphone from there you can use applets to notifiy you of arlo events. One of the applets is "If arlo detects motion call my phone. Once you set up that applet then the service will call you when motion is detected. You will need to set up you phone with the phone call service. Click the phone icon in the arlo applet to set this up. You can then add the number to your contacts and give it a custom ring tone and poof you have custom sounds to alert you if there is trouble. 


arlo call.png


I love the Arlo camera system but it doesn’t do a lot of good when the notifications are quieter than someone trying to break in. I can’t bbelieve  this is even an issue and hope netgear creates a way to change notification sounds for its IOS users 


Follow my post from May 26 2018  I opened a case with Netgear Support on this matter.  After a few suggestions from their team (none of which solved the problem), here is the latest update from them:


"You are right. The alert feature you wanted to have does not require a miracle from God. However, please be reminded that the implementation of this technical feature would rely on how soon can our engineers include it to the future firmware updates. We have already considered your request and forwarded it to them.

To expedite the implementation of the said alert feature, you may login to the Arlo Idea Exchange portal and send a follow-up post about the update for this matter."


Since the Netgear engineers can't seem to fix this on their own, maybe they should collaborate with Apple to resolve the problem.


This still doesn't solve the issue, so I will be looking into a third party app as a work-around until Netgear gets their act together.


iOS/Android developer here.


Gonna go ahead and call Netgear out on this one...adding this feature does NOT require an Arlo camera firmware update. This is all done on the device side (from within the iOS app). A junior level iOS developer could have this feature implemented and tested within 2 hours.


This should really be low hanging fruit for these guys:) Also (submitting a separte idea for this) iOS 12 now allows certain apps to apply for a special entitlement so that their app's notifications can be registered as "critical" which would allow them to bypass Do Not Disturb mode, and the ringer switcher setting. This would be a great feature!

I would like to chose a very loud notification for when my camera detects motion. The notification on my iPhone is not different or loud enough to get my attention over other notifications like text or email. I have set a uniquely loud notification for the email notification that Arlo sends to but I also get emails on that account that are not priority. That’s not working. I need a loud unique and persistent notification for when my camera is armed and motion is detected.
I would like custom alms too.

This is the one thing that means I will never recommend Arlo to anyone. Villains use darkness as cover and I sleep when it’s dark and the alert on my iPhone would not wake anyone even from a light sleep!


How is this not implemented yet? I am a mobile dev, there is absolutely no reason this feature should not be added yet. There is no firmware update required, a small app update pushed in the apple store. A unique sound would be my first priority, customizable sounds later. If the app was open source and on github, i would submit requests 🙂 


I agree with all of you..this should be on the top of netgears list. If an alert doesn’t catch your attention,what good is the system? I spent a lot of money on this system and gotta say I won’t be purchasing additional products unless they fix this.