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Cross Triggering Cameras With Activity Zones Set And Have The Recordings Saved To The Cloud/Library

Below the line (bottom of this post) is a reply from Arlo Moderator ShayneS on an issue that I posted on the community boards (I also got the same reply from support, who suggested posting it here) ....


Here is a link to that discussion which explains the issue better and you should read (only 10 posts)...


This problem (or non-feature) really needs to be fixed as it is mentioned nowhere in the Arlo product info and therefore that info becomes very misleading.





Hi @KachinaShadow


As you noted above "What I did confirm was that ALL cameras can be triggered by ALL devices but ANY CAMERA THAT HAS "ACTIVITY ZONES" SET, even though triggered, WILL NOT SAVE THE RECORDING TO THE LIBRARY/CLOUD"


This is feature is by design, if you would like to have the recordings saved to the library you will need to remove the activity zones.




This "no cross triggering cameras with activity zones" issue really needs to be fixed.

The fact that, included in Arlo's advertised noted features are both cross triggering and activity zones yet there is NOTHING that says that these two features cannot both be used at the same time (while expecting the recording to saved to the cloud) which is really misleading especially when both of these touted features were considerations for the decision to purchase the Arlo system.

In fact when you set up the system, including cross triggering, Arlo ACTUALLY REMINDS YOU to be sure and set activity zones which is really perplexing since those two features ARE NOT compatible with each other (in regards to cloud/library) and even though the cross triggered camera does activate & record, but only to local storage, it will not save that recording to the cloud/library (saving recordings to the cloud is another touted feature).

There is no reason that a resourceful programmer can't have the server recognize that a recording is coming from a "cross triggered" camera, skip the "smart" analysis and just post that raw video to the cloud...or maybe even analyze the video per the "smart" parameters that are assigned to that dedicated cross triggered camera and then post that to the cloud.

Arlo needs to step up and make ALL of the advertised features work with each other and not be conditional to what other feature may be activated as the consumer expects that every feature that he paid for be available without any conditions (that Arlo failed to mention).

A quick note...NONE of the Arlo community moderators were aware of this non- compatibity issue until I posted my observations.

It would be really great if one of your "idea" developers could contact me via phone so that we could actually discuss this and make the Arlo system that much better.