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Copy/Duplicate Mode

Creating a new mode from scratch is very tedious and most modes are very similar with only slight variations between them.


If we had the ability to copy/duplicate an existing mode as a starting point it would make creating new modes MUCH easier.


For example, I have a mode that arms every camera and one that arms every camera except the backdoor (for when we're home and going in and out frequently).  Instead of recreating the behavior of 4 cameras I could have easily duplicated the original mode (with a new name, obviously) and removed the behavior on the backdoor camera.




As I am discovering the Modes menu, I am realizing it allows a significant measure of customization, which is a fantastic thing. However it appears like it either lets me destroy an existing mode, or create a fresh new one. Is there a way to add a little feature which would clone an existing mode, so that we can practice on the newly created one (the template's clone) without risking to mess the default mode?

I only have 5 cameras and I find this a pain not to be able to duplicate settings. For example I have to write down the current motion sensitivity settings for each of my cameras just to create an "exterior only" mode. It would be very cheap to develop a copy modes features and then just disable the ones I don't need.


I agree this would be useful.  One thought is that it also is a way to "back up" your current settings.


Dear Arlo Development Team,  I believe a copy/duplicate mode is well overdue.  Thank you.