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Continue Recording while while watching live feed

Hi There,


I would like if the camera continued to record motion at the same time while watching the live feed without me having to manually hit the record button.


There has been times when i was watching a live feed, my infant was doing something cute and i wanted it recorded.  BUT, when i went into my recorings there was nothign there for the moment i wanted to capture.





Just lost the recording for someone entering on my backyard as soon as asked live view on Alexa it cut the recording... very disappointed in very basic security thing.




While this could change in the future, currently, it is behaving as designed. If you wish to resume recording once a live stream is initiated, this can be done by manually clicking//tapping the record icon.



Behaving as designed?? Did a bumbling fool design this function?

And when you manually click record, you loose many seconds of feed between the stall to go live and record button showing up. 


1/5/2020 USA EST 10:00 am


Well that's the problem that we've been trying to get fixed......if your camera is already recording something, (which you can never tell if it actually is or not in all reality) if you hit live view, then it STOPS RECORDING AND WILL NO LONGER ALLOW YOU  TO PRESS MANUAL RECORD.  Therefore making the "security" camera ineffective.  This is what the complainers on this post have been trying to inform Arlo about.  If it were as simple as pressing the record button  manually, don't you think we would just do that, but it DOESN'T ALLOW you to manually press the button to record once it's been interrupted to view live, it ends up stopping the recording that it started, to enable you to view it live, but the record button is now grayed out so you CANNOT manually record at that point.....that's the entire point of this post, it's a problem and needs to be fixed, and obviously  has not.  I've had my system for 2 years now and one of my cameras is completely dead, and cannot be revived with a new battery, or even just the power cord, it will no longer I can't imagine this system being reliable for years to come like a hard wired system would hopefully be.     Anyway, this is a very important feature that needs to be updated or changed or something so that it works in the future..  Many recordings have been lost after pressing live view, believe me, it happens alot to me.....along with many many other hiccups that Arlo still has not fixed.  My cameras (10 of them) are constantly missing things and I have them all plugged into power so that it shouldn't miss anything....but every single day I have to go into one or more cameras and seemingly have to turn it off, exit out of the camera and then go back into that camera and turn the camera back on, then exit out and play the live viewing of that camera and press record, just to seemingly get it working again and wake it up.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't 50/50 chance with everyone of these cameras.  There's no way to really make them more or less sensative so that they do or don't record at certain'll be sure to miss something big, which has happened everyday of having these cameras (Arlo Pro base with Arlo Pro & Arlo Pro2 cameras  (10 total cameras, actually 9 now because one has completely sh** to bed).


I first commented in agreement of this being an issue on September 29th, 2018, long after the thread had been started.  It has been 15 months since just my comment, and if the current functionality is, "behaving as designed," it should have been pretty easy to fix that horribly broken design in that length of time.


I can't believe that any intelligent developers or businessmen legitimately believe that this could be functionality that people actually using these devices for home security and theft prevention, would want by default.


Fix this crap.


Heee it is almosst 3 years later. I ebded up pointing my 2 arlos at eachother so the basically see the same thing from opposite directions. It allows me to live feed one while the other continues to record. That meant I had to take an arlo out of another spot. 

I replaced it with a Nest, and Ive never been happier. It records 24/7regardless 


I'm very unhappy with the functions and the inability to keep recording when live. I also have problems with the cams detecting movement. Seriously considering replacing with another product and use these inside as back up


it's a shame that Arlo does not change this poor design.... Imagine someone entering to your house and before you ask Alexa to show, you have to think, should I see it live and loose the recording or wait more and check the recording later... 
Time to look for another camera.... definitely I will not buy more arlos, neither recommend.


Just bought the Arlo Pro 3 combo pack from Costco 

and I’ve got to say I’m really impressed with its resolution, responsiveness and quality.  Especially compared to my Ring Stickups, it’s night and day!

Love the Arlo App but I’m now finding out I cannot record while viewing live..?!?  Ring does this with ease, it’s automatic!  So bizarre to think this was not and has not been integrated.  Very disappointing.  These may be getting returned very soon.  Such a shame, incredible product and app but falling short  on a major must have feature.  8(


It should be default, a very disappointing lack of an important feature that would allow viewing and recording an intruder and prevent a loss of evidence. It stops recording of all other cameras as well. If one was live and others record it may help a little.  PLEASE fix this! 




Lost evidence in the event of a break-in that you just so happen to watch, lost memories (I just watched my son get himself out of his toddler bed for the first time live on the camera and was sad not to have it recorded).  Plus, it's just a really counter intuitive limitation which should be made crystal clear.  I would not have invested in Arlo had I known of this limitation.  I refuse to believe that this is by design from a usability perspective, more likely design to cut down on either hardware or software costs.


Can someone from Arlo comment on whether this is a hardware or software only limitation?