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Continue Recording while while watching live feed

Hi There,


I would like if the camera continued to record motion at the same time while watching the live feed without me having to manually hit the record button.


There has been times when i was watching a live feed, my infant was doing something cute and i wanted it recorded.  BUT, when i went into my recorings there was nothign there for the moment i wanted to capture.





Recording while viewing a live feed should be the default.  ABSOLUTELY! Please NetGear, add this feature to the Arlo Pro 22 system as soon as possible, otherwise I am going to return this useless device. Thank you.


I can’t believe they still haven’t done so. It’s a necessity and definitely a flaw. Arlo supposedly to be the first wireless recorder on the market but it seems to be still not getting it right after so many years. It seems we’re all just guinea pigs with one issue addressed slowly over another or not even at all! You would think this would be sorted out already! I keep finding limitations to my Arlo Pro 2 and am considering on returning my set of 4 cameras. Any recommendations please?

Return it. I did. Another HUGE idiotic flaw is that if you have it set to record for 2 minutes, get an alert, go to Live View to watch alert where it will stop recording (WTF Netgear?), you can't hit manual record until that time limit runs out. The stupidity of this just lead me to return my set a couple days ago. I will monitor on here to see if this flaw is ever fixed, and may give the system a try again.

Just bought the Arlo Pro 2 and just spent the last couple of hours testing why the recording feature is not working and now realise after reading here, it is because I am also live viewing the cameras.

I watched quite a few reviews before buying and not one mentioned this limitation, if they had I would not of bought in the first place. I have samsung smart cams and they do not have this limitation. I will now have to return the system after spending quite a bit of time setting them up. I think arlo should compensate me for my lost time.

Very dissapointed and will no longer buy Arlo products after this.

Anyone know of an alternative that has similar features to the Arlo Pro 2 without this huge design flaw?


+1 here too.    "watching a live feed and then someone walks in front of the camera & it does not start recording."  


NETGEAR/ARLO  H-E-L-L-O! is anyone listening and addressing this ??   The result of this bug is not what I paid for, e.g., Negligence

       failure to take proper care in doing something.

       Law: failure to use reasonable care, resulting in damage or injury to another.


OMG such an oversite, this is negligence and misleading to say the least, we might have a class action here.  So if I or any other valid user/account is watching live, then the motion detection video recording is null and void?   WOW this is a quite a shock. I'm slow to being privy to this and still wrapping my head around the impact and repercussions, this is a flaw and a bonafide BUG!  it explains why I have gaps in capturing video resulting in damages.


I have two deployments – one at my house and one at a rental property. So since there are other accounts on the system (read only no audio, etc with a business need to know) a 'user' can effectively and even uknowingly DOS (denial of service) the surveillance system - resulting in the product not not producing the intended outcome. HMMM yup thinking class action is in order here folks.  


C'mon Netgear - do the right thing, throw us a bone here already and make this bug go away or at least explain your plan of action to rectify. 



I echo everything in this thread. I have a newborn who has had some breathing issues that are not captured while watching live. We want to be able to show our doctor, but it’s hard to quickly push record while watching it live as my instinct is to help my newborn and hope the camera captured it, which of course it doesn’t. I wish I could return the camera, but it’s too late. This is so frustrating and I can’t believe Arlo hasn’t done anything about this yet. 

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Status changed to: Future Consideration
Community Manager
Status changed to: Future Consideration


I write a post that includes among other things text supporting Hone's statement about the potential for legal action (because it's true) and suddenly my post disappears and goes from actually being posted and visible to "Your post will be visible once it is approved."!  My guess is this one will be censored as well.


Wow. That speaks volumes.

Just saying.



I recently purchased a couple Arlo Pro 2 cameras and have been having issues with the different modes since. It would intermittently not record motion, even though the app would show that motion was detected, on any of my cameras, regardless of mode and settings used. Spoke to chat support twice, phone support once (for quite a while), without getting a resolution. Then I realized the issue described in this thread could be what's causing it...

I setup a secondary user account to be able to view my live feeds on my iPad in my office, while still being able to login on my iPhone separately (since for some reason concurrent logins on multiple devices aren't possible, it logs you out, but that's a different issue...).
On my previous camera system, I used to just connect to the local IP and leave it running. That system, IRIS, was able to continue recording while viewing the live feed(s). It's rather disappointing that what appears to be a far more advanced system, Arlo, does not have this simple capability (both local IP feed access as well as recording while live feed is being watched on any account).

If I was watching from my primary account, maybe you could make the argument that I'm currently watching and don't need it to record... but when a secondary account is watching a live feed of one of my cameras, it makes no sense to prevent recording from taking place.

I'm glad to see this was marked for "Future Consideration" in January of this year, however it simply cannot come soon enough (along with various other things, most with high vote counts on here). As a recent convert from IRIS due to its upcoming shutdown, I really want to like this system.