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Change notification options: sound type , volume, repetitions

The current alert notification process is not adequate given how important and critical arlo monitoring is for many users.

Users should have the option for their alerts to ring differently/more loudly and than all the other normal/non criticial alerts they receive throughout the day. There should also be the options to ring more than once, ring until user confirms receipt (with say 10 maximum rings so not indefinite)  and bypass the do not disturb mode.


I have found myself countless times missing alerts because my phone was just a few yards away from me and I could not hear the Arlo alert or phone one me but in a noisy environment / jacket pocket and vibrate not strong enough  

Currently the only way to address this is to change the general alert type (which applies to all alerts on the phone) to the most intrusive which is not ideal.

Please include these options in your next software update.

Is this not a limitation of iOS though? Apple lock pretty much everything down and I cannot remember any other apps that have their own notification sounds etc.

I think you are right, @MarkC. Even the twitter app doesn't allow you to change the notification sound. I believe it is either a difficult change or perhaps impossible programatically unless iOS changes something on it's end.

I use both Android and iOS, well I barely pick up my iPhone these days as lack of jailbreaking has left it pretty much useless (for my needs and requirements). Back in the day we could, with a jailbreak, have notifications read out etc. on our iPhones, something that is run of the mill these days on android, still maybe one day they may let users have a little more freedom and be able to personalize their phones a little more. We can but live in hope! :-)

My current Samsung Galaxy as well as my previous Blackberry were able to bypass the "Do Not Disturb" by going into notifications and resetting "Sounds and Notifications."  The reader might want to check with their carrier or phone provider as to how best to customize their current settings.  In as much as I have a 60% hearing loss I have to rely on additional notifications.  I don't know about other guys but I carry my cell phone in my right pants pocket inside a scabard and regardless of whether it rings or vibrates I know I have some sort of message.  I have reset my notification warning to Laser Pulse (mid range pitch) which I still sometimes miss but I never miss the vibration!  I have used my Bluetooth ear bud with good success when I can't carry my cell phone but then distance separation becomes an issue.  Good luck to you.

I am hoping this will help some of you out until Netgear adds this feature. You can download the app ifttt on your iphone from there you can use applets to notifiy you of arlo events. One of the applets is "If arlo detects motion call my phone. Once you set up that applet then the service will call you when motion is detected. You will need to set up you phone with the phone call service. Click the phone icon in the arlo applet to set this up. You can then add the number to your contacts and give it a custom ring tone and poof you have custom sounds to alert you if there is trouble. arlo call.png