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Change Mode in IFTTT Channel

Great news - Arlo IFTTT now launched and works well - great job, thank you. It would be even better if Modes could be changed by location trigger

+1 for IFTTT triggers for custom modes

+1 for custom modes switching with automation. 

XJW Apprentice

Arlo do not appear to have understood that ARM and DISARM are useless to many of us.  When we are Home we switch off internal cameras but leave external cameras on.  This should be a common use case.  ARM and DISARM do not support this use case.  They are useless.  Please stop implementing solutions that only support ARM and DISARM.


This item has been open for years with several related threads and hundreds of comments.  Please give it consideration.

XJW Apprentice

When will you support custom modes in IFTTT ? This has been requested for years.  Arm and Disarm are useless to many.


+1 from me for custom modes in IFTTT.


Please activate custom modes on IFTTT!!!

Having only arm and disarm is really poor!




+1 for supporting custom modes in IFTTT