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Cameras utilize siren separately from Base Station

It would be great if Arlo Q could somehow trigger the siren in the New Pro Base. It seems it would be more effective and there would be far less false alarm soundings. I have 4 outside cameras, I'm guessing the siren will be going off more than I want with false alerts. Whereas indoors when the home is empty, there should'nt be any false alarms. I'm way more concerned about someone getting into the home than a delivery to my front door.

I was wondering if Arlo will ever get an outdoor siren. An indoor siren is fine but will not alert neighbors. An alarm with the outdoor camera would be really nice

Yes, I agree with the inital comment.  Why not maximize the use of the camera's speaker by allowing the base to simaltaneaously sound off an audible alarm on the cameras as well.  Even though not loud, it will as least notify any would be thief or intruder that something has beem set off and in turn possibly deter them from pursuing their intent any further.


It's absolutely astounding that a company sees no problem in designing and selling indoor motion-activated cameras that don't trigger their own indoor alarm while designing and selling outdoor cameras that will trigger the same indoor alarm!  Who wants a squirrel running across their yard or their mailman's daily delivery setting off an impressively loud alarm inside their house?  Who spends hundreds (thousands) of dollars on a suite of high-end, motion-activated security camera system that is incapable of sounding an indoor-only alarm while their house is being burglarized?  It's also incredibly disingenuous for a company to market a pricey suite of products as seamlessly integrated while conspicuously not mentioning such mind-numbing integration flaws.  Does anyone in product development think things through?  I wish I could charge Arlo/Netgear for the amount of time I spent chasing down an Arlo Q, setting it up, researching this incompetence across multiple threads (where users have to act as free tech support for each other) and then making a second trip to return it!


Just set up my Arlo Q and astounded to see this function is not available. Even if you don’t want to do this on your app why not make the siren actionable by ifttt or stringify? This is a huge gap in the functionality I expected from such an amazing and flexible system otherwise. Please take these requests seriously. Thanks. 


Not trying to be a spoiler here, but was the cost of your stolen items more expensive than a professional 24/7 monitored security system. My professional system cost less than what I have spent on my Arlo cameras. Good professional security systems are relatively inexpensive these days and the DIY installations can usually be done in an hour or two. Yes there is a small monthly fee, but half of that fee is for cellular communications which means that the burglar can cut your power and internet cables but the system will still work. The cost of this system is a mere fraction of the items that were stolen and a fraction of the items that the insurance did not reimburse me for, not caounting the aggravation of the experience.


Arlo and other iot systems should never be your primary security system, but act a a backup for a true security service. My two cents worth.




I also have just purchased the Arlo Q for internal use to connect with my Pro and base with the desire to activate the alarm when triggered (this should be a standard surely for any home security?!) as advertising implied all compatible.

I had also been waiting for the Pro 2 to become available as was going to add this also but will wait now as not sure about the set up now....


I agree this would be a useful feature.  If you are using a camera outside, an intruder wouldn't necessarily hear the alarm going off inside your home.  It seems like this could be added through a firmware update, since the cameras already have audio capabilities.


As an additional note on that.  Arlo, PLEASE come up with multiple security features so the cameras can safely be used outdoors.  I think they need a firmware solution that deters theft, because someone couldn't steel and use the camera.  But you also need to come up with some kind of anti-theft mount, so that someone can't take the physical unit just out of spite.


I'd like to say that the current implementation of the alarm is terrible.  It is totally in the way at the top of the screen and always sliding down and getting in the way of the controls for my first camera.  What's worse is that it's easy to accidentally set off.  I've done it twice now.  Please relocate this feature to where it's behind a menu.  Ok, it's great to have an alarm (Though I can't imagine ever using it)... but it doesn't need to be a giant panic button on the front of the display.

PLEASE, somebody help me how to find Siren button on my i-Phone ARLO app... I have Siren button on my i-MAC only, but no button in phone app. How to set it up ? Thank you!

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