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CVR to local storage

I'd like to request that the Arlo Q Plus CVR be stored locally rather than the cloud.  ISP's are placing bandwidth caps on most of their services now and I can see CVR to the cloud for a bunch of cameras as a problem.  I know that you can record to a micro SD card, but this only records motion and sound events, not CVR.  Additionally, according to the support site, there is no way to view the SD cards remotely.  You have to pull them from the camera and plug them into a PC.


I finally received my Arlo Pro 2 5-camera system and was excited to start setting it up, knowing that it allowed for CVR.  After carefully reading the feature set on the box and stumbling across this post I've actually taken the time to register and submit this comment.


I will be returning the system, unopened, this afternoon for the multitude of reasons already expressed by commenters before me.  What a shame and a total waste of my time and effort.  This was my first, and unless things change, last Arlo purchase.


So yeah.

I've read good reviews, spent €180+ on Arlo Q Plus, bought microSD for €30 and then I read this thread.

Nice going, Netgear.

I really feel like an idiot.


Also agree with this thread. We've been using the cameras as triggered events until we could get them wired. There's SO MUCH  they miss, which defeats the purpose of the cameras. Now that we have them wired, we're totally bummed to see the cost PER CAMERA to have to store them to the cloud only in order to access the videos. We need remote access as we check on our property often due to neighbours that regularly vandalize our property. We should have added onto our EZVIZ units instead, which do everything we want already - they just weren't available when we needed the cameras!