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Be able to use google home as a chime

When the doorbell is rung there should be an option to use a google home or all of them at someones house to ring either like a doorbell or like the notiifcation that you get on the phone. 



Wondering if it's possible to have one or numerous google homes play a sound when someone presses the doorbell. If not, please add these feature in a future update.


Arlo Moderator

Hi kirayamato369,


Unfortunately this feature is not available with the Google Home. However, it is currently available with Amazon Alexa..



Another vote for Google Home 'chime' support.  (though I can't get the equivalent Alexa integration to work!)


If it's not currently available for Google home, will it be a future update?
Arlo Moderator



There is always a possibility for an update in the future, but as of now nothing has been confirmed. Stay tuned for any announcements and future updates

Another vote for Google Home.  Alexa sucks Smiley Happy


I waiting for this to happen before I by the arlo

I need this feature too or returning doorbell

I really would like this feature. 


Since since most of us have either Google Home or Alexa devices these days we shouldn't have to purchase additional Chimes since we already have speakers that can play  chime sounds for us.