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Battery ONLY Powered Option for Outdoor use (Like Arlo Q)

Due to the expense of buying these batteries, why wouldn't we have the option to use electric to power these things? I KNOW we can buy rechargeables, but electric would be best for many reasons. Any plans to accomodate that?


i agree!!! batteries die quickly and its a pain to remove the camera and then have to readjust it.  We bought something from amazon, like a battery converter but it didnt work,  I submitted a picture a year or 2 ago but nothing ever came of it.  I hope someone comes up w/ something that works 

I have the Pro2 cameras and base station which work well around my house, but I have a large amount of outbuildings which share my home WiFi and I would like to add further cameras on the network.
The pro2 cameras need a base station in range to connect to and mine is out of range in these buildings.
I can see Arlo sell a camera called the Go but this needs a SIM card and would incur monthly data charges with a mobile phone network provider, for every camera, and I wanted a large number of cameras!
I cancelled my order for the Go cameras for the above reason.
Arlo make a camera that will work off WiFi but they can only be used indoors, surely they can make an outdoor quality version.
Please can this idea be put to the product development team.
Mark Shenton.