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Audio and Motion Sensitivity Schedules

I set up a five camera system around my house, adjusting the sound and motion sensitivities on a trial and error basis.  It works pretty well, but I have found that the sensitivity fluctuates from day to night.  For instance, my driveway is near a busy street.  During the day, having it on a high sensitivity will trigger the camera at least once every five minutes.  However, at night, the street is fairly calm, and could use the extra sensitivity.  This applies to multiple zones in various ways.  My cameras run 24/7.


So, to the point, can we get an option to adjust these sensitives based on a schedule?  For example:

Cam 1 - 7AM - 10PM - Motion: 80%  Sound: 2

Cam 1 - 10PM - 7AM - Motion: 100%  Sound: 4

CAM 2 - 7AM - 10PM - Motion: 100%  Sound: 3

CAM 2 - 10PM - 7AM - Motion: 100%  Sound: 5

And etc. for each camera.


That would be a very welcome feature.

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What you can do is create a dupe of your armed mode(s) with lower sense level for the day....

then just use the normal one at night and the less sensitive custom mode for day,  in all in schedule.