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Audible WARNING Message on Camera Speaker When Motion is Detected

We are using the Arlo Pro system to protect and monitor an unoccupied house on a large piece of property with several outdoor storage buildings. Its siren only runs on the base station inside the house, but is not able to be heard outside at any of the entry points to the premises. We are also 2 hours away from the property, so responding to a serious alert takes time. Obviously we have taken all the other steps possible to secure the premises, but that does not necessarily protect it, especially if nobody is there. Since there are so many cheap fake security cameras on the market, I don’t think that the mere presence of signs or cameras is a sufficient deterrent. The idea of a security system is not to notify you that you have been victimized, but rather to prevent it from occurring in the first place. An audible warning coming from the cameras themselves would provide such a deterrent. Your Pro model cameras already have 2-way audio capability, which allows the system owner to announce something through the camera speakers but only when they are actively monitoring the system, and then only by using whatever microphone is provided by their computer. The system does NOT have the ability to “automatically” deliver a pre-recorded warning announcement through the cameras the instant that they detect motion. This feature would let intruders know that someone is really watching, which would make the system much more effective. We wish we could automatically play a user created MP3 format message such as "Warning video property surveillance recording has been activated and security personnel have been notified" through the camera speakers as soon as they are triggered. It seems that such a feature could easily be enabled by writing a downloadable firmware update that either adds such a recording playback feature to the base station, or by giving the base station permission to access a media player on the system owner’s computer instead of the PC's microphone.


Great Idea


Would it be possible to have an alarm feature like a normal security system? The text messages don't wake me up in the middle of the night if someone comes into my house. This would be very helpful!


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