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Arlo combined with flood lights would be nice

Hi Arlo


I see you have just made a major upgrade, the server was down, then now I see a whole new "PC interface" when I signed in. 


After i poked around a bit, I see you added a "Night Vision Off" button. Fantastic!!!


I have a commercial motion senser, that I installed that fire's 6 PAR 38 bulbs and lights up my entire back yard. I then intalled a single Arlo camera, that I swear bye, that worked like a champion, catching great video in the day, and.....


At night, with my current set-up, prior to this option, at night my floods turn on, and perhaps because my flood lights also provide some illumination near the 850nm range the Arlo camera gave me 75 plus feet video, night vision, but always in black and white.


Please feel free, to review my library, now with this option, to turn off the IR, I hope that the Floods will turn on, the Arlo will fire in daylight mode.and I will get color 75 foot range day and night!. And "Silent" night vision if I turn my Flood lights off!










It Worked!!!!




I just walked outside, during a sleet storm, at 11:30 pm with your new software upgrade, nightvision off, my floods fired!, the Arlo Fired!, it's pitch black outside. I got maximum night and day vision in color with the Arlo!!!!!






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I'm sitting here getting ready to replace motion detecting outdoor floodlights at the front of my house thinking...


I wish Arlo would make a electrical wired camera with combined floodlights.






you and me both


My finger is twitching on hitting the buy now button on Ring's Floodlight Camera. But I do not want two different systems. ARRGH!


I believe the whole idea around Arlo is wireless, so I'd say always no wires for the cameras, but... theres no reason why a flood light could not be triggered thats paired with the Arlo base? I also believe that Arlo does not have any idea going into this direction, otherwise we would have seen additional motion sensors, door sensors, window sensors etc. The Awesome thing about something like this would be to trigger any combination of lights when motion is sensed at a specific camera. E.g. when motion is detected on the western side of your house, switch on all lights on the western side of the property, not just 1 close to the camera.


I feel exactly the same way.  I have been looking at the Ring and Maximis outdoor lighting solutions but would rather stick with one system and have a decent amount invested in 4 arlo cameras.  


Completely agree. Would like to know if its ok on their roadmap before I start adding other brands to my system. I would wait if I knew.


I would love to see Arlo flood lights with cameras of at least 1080p resolution.


Is there a way to connect through Alexa to trigger lights?