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Arlo cameras that use a power adapter instead of batteries

I love the fact that Arlo cameras are 100% wire-free but I would also like to see a powered camera offered so I don't have to worry about buying batteries for cameras that are in locations where there is an accessible wall outlet.


I don't know if anyone else has discovered the micro usb port under the battery cover but here it is in the picture.  Just remove a little white plug and plug in your usb cord and you're finally free of those highly overpriced batteries!  Enjoy!20150806_201736.jpg


Jtuck: Have you confirmed that we can actually power it with a 5v USB charger?


Thanks for the info Jtuck. I have not check mine and I'm just wondering if all Arlo camera came with it.


I can confirm that it works. I just removed the batteries from one of my cameras and plugged in a USB cable, and I can stream video from it. The only downside is that the plug is on the inside of the battery compartment, so you can't close the compartment's lid. I'm deciding whether to remove my lid or drill a hole in it.




One user posted that it "may" burn the plug out since the camera may require more than a 5v draw. I don't know......have you tried it in the dark to see if the IR sensors light up?

Cool discovery.  But, I guess what I was saying is that the current model camera does not provide a option for AC power right out of the box.  All of the ideas are seriously great ideas for someone with some good to excellent technical skill if they just like to tinker around and see what they can do with these cameras.


9 out of 10 people are not interested in having to do hacks and modifications to a $160 camera right out of the box.  There are a dozen or more great cameras that already do what this hack is trying to acheive, with sound, already.


Personally, I had the 5 camera system that I actually sold recently and bought three nest cameras. The motion detection and night vision is absolutely phenomenal, as well as the sound and picture quality. Paid $150 in addition to the $190 Nest cameras for 24/7 recording. I constantly had to mess with the placement and proximity to light sources constantly for the arlo cams to be useful whatsoever in low light areas.  We all know arlo cameras are completely useless in total darkness.


The cost of the 3 nest cameras and the 24/7+10day was a whole $14 more. I no longer needed five cameras as the range of view for the nest blows the arlo away.


Nice find though, but way too complicated for the everyday user.


Since we have a quality Netgear lady such as Kristyn monitorng our posts may I suggest Netgear add an electrical adapter to plug in a camera where it is convenient.  I have two cameras mounted within 12" of an electical outlet.  I'd convert them if I knew how.  Just a thought to improve these incredible cameras at no battery drain.

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We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. I've moved your suggestion to our Arlo Idea Exchange board under a similar post suggesting a power adapter. I highly suggest for you to Kudos the idea. Our developers are always looking for ways to improve and enhance our Arlo systems.




I would also like a hardwired power option batteries are getting a little expensive
Power adapter option would be a big plus I would definitely use some, make this happen Arlo