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Arlo baby additional alert option like ringing my phone

Arlo baby only sends push notification and email notification but I would like addition alert option like ringing my phone or an alarm because that would be really important to wake me up at night when baby cries. Push notification will not wake a person up at night. I feel this is very essential for a baby monitor especially at night. 


Imagine the baby is crying and you continue sleeping because the push notification did not wake the person up. Then whats the point of having the baby monitor. 


Completely agree! It's easy to sleep straight through a notification. It would be ideal if the sound baby is making could be played instead of a notification. At the moment we need a seperate noise monitor so that we can hear what baby is doing. Almost defeats the purpose of Arlo baby. 


I would LOVE to see "always listening" mode be auto-enabled when audio/motion is detected on the baby monitor!