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Arlo Smart Person Detection for SmartThings and IFTTT

One of the purposes of the Arlo Smart person detection is to filter out unwanted motion from trees and shadows to elimate many uwanted notifications.  This feature has worked well for me, but is missing the integration with my SmartThings hub and IFTTT.  I would like the same notification rules to follow through to my home automation products.  Right now I get only the person detection notifications I want, but any motion triggers events for home automation.  Please let me know how to integrate the new Arlo Smart features with your home automation partners.  As this is a premium/paid service, I hope this option will be available soon.


I am interested in this feature too. IFTTT integration is pretty much useless without the smart notifications. The cat moving is lightning up the whole house right now 🙂 That should only happen when a person is detected.


Any news?


I've cancelled my Arlo Smart subscription 2 months ago as it's useless. Sad. Everything else is automated in my house except my "smart" cameras.  



Hi, I would also like to see these features added so I can turn lights on at night if a 'person' (not animal or general motion) was detected. Agree at present there is no value in the smart notifications as at night the phone is silent and so notifications will not be received hence the IFTTT integration to turn on hue lights. At the moment animals set this recipe off continually...