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Arlo Q - Direct Connect (Baby Monitor)

I am going to suggest a great much needed idea. Please support this so that netgear implements. Currently there is much lag when operating the Arlo q in live mode. So much lag that is makes live mode pretty much useless for monitoring a baby. Currently I have a 5-10 second delay in live mode and am connected at 60Mbps. The reason for this is that connecting through the netgear servers adds the delay to what you see on your device.

This is very easily solved my a minor enhancement. Arlo needs to be updated to allow a direct connect feature where if you are on the same network as Arlo q (home) you can enable from your smart device to connect directly to the Arlo q bypassing the servers. This would allow true real time live mode and ability to truly see if your baby needs help now (not 15 seconds ago). Arlo could name this feature "baby mode". Not very complicated with great benefits!

While in live mode (baby monitor mode) it would also be great if motion detection could be enabled and alert (ie you are watching your baby sleep in live mode. You don't want to stare at the screen for 8 hours so it would be nice to have an alert when baby moves in live mode.). Using the motion activated recording is useless for this. Takes to long to connect in to live view.

What I am asking for here can be used not just for baby monitor but other applications as well. It is such an easy change that I'm sure if others backed the need for this netgear would respond. It is in their favour since it will open them to the baby monitor market with a camera that can be used after the baby grows up as a security camera. Currently, it is a lawsuit waiting to happen where someone misses their baby choking by the 15s delay. You catch my drift. Thanks for listening.

Done and done. Thanks JamesC.


I really wanted to love Arlo, and I am finding it harder and harder to keep.


Please Netgear, help me help you!  🙂


I use the Arlo Q as a way to Live stream and record what's happening out my front yard.


I too agree that a direct Live stream feed to the ARLO Q, would work alot better.

I experience a time lag of upto 20 seconds, which is incredibly long, if you can hear weird noises outside, but can't see them until 20 seconds later.


I can understand that Netgear, want a simple solution to allow users access to their Arlo cameras from anywhere.

It's a simple solution that doesn't require NATting and Ports being opened up on the local Internet router.


But Netgaear should add an option for "LAN Live view", so that if you're connected to the same network that the ARLO camera is connected to, you can connect directly to it, instead of going out to Netgear to get the feed.

That would completely resolve the Live View time lag.

If you're not connected to the same network, the "LAN Live View" doesn't work.


Other than that, the Arlo Q is a great quality package with the Basic plan.


Please NETGEAR, allow the ARLO Cameras to be connected to directly. :Smiley Frustrated

svu Tutor

I hope that they fix this live view lag in Arlo Q Plus soon, otherwise I will be returning mine within my 30 day period. I have a old foscam c1 $50 camera that pulls up live view anywere and there is no delay. I don't understand why this would be an issue for such a big company like Netgear.


It is really not an unreasonable request. There is no point in 2 way audio if the lag continues in the live feed.


I am there lag if it is connected through ethernet or poe? I am currently on wifi and I know my speed is fine. I am on Fios and again my $50 camera can pull up the feed quickly and during the live view it is up to speed. So why the lag?

It seems Netgear is not going to improve the Arlo Q.


They updated the 'Local mode/direct view' option for the Arlo Baby. How hard is it to add it to the Arlo Q.

They just refuse to do it.


Out of curiosity, has anyone used the Arlo Baby device and found that it works well with no latenty/lag on the direct connection setting?


Please make this a reality on the Arlo Q!


I haven't read all the comments but isn't this what the Arlo Baby is for?


Yes, Arlo Baby is this feature and many others that aren’t on the Q but the point is that enabling a Local Stream function on the Arlo Q should be just a matter of a software update.

It’s really sad that after 1.5 years netgear continues to refuse to push out a software update that customers universally want, and that they already have working and ready to go. Really pathetic. Today’s the last day to return mine, and it’s going back as defective.


What does it take to get a response? I bought this camera as a baby monitor because it advertised live view like the Arlo baby and I didn’t really want an animal shaped camera. I bought it before my daughter was born so was not able to return when I realized the live view didn’t actually work as expected. This is a feature that’s already been built and the Arlo q is still a current product - why can’t a local mode be implemented?  This was something the arlo q was originally marketed for