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Arlo Q - Direct Connect (Baby Monitor)

I am going to suggest a great much needed idea. Please support this so that netgear implements. Currently there is much lag when operating the Arlo q in live mode. So much lag that is makes live mode pretty much useless for monitoring a baby. Currently I have a 5-10 second delay in live mode and am connected at 60Mbps. The reason for this is that connecting through the netgear servers adds the delay to what you see on your device.

This is very easily solved my a minor enhancement. Arlo needs to be updated to allow a direct connect feature where if you are on the same network as Arlo q (home) you can enable from your smart device to connect directly to the Arlo q bypassing the servers. This would allow true real time live mode and ability to truly see if your baby needs help now (not 15 seconds ago). Arlo could name this feature "baby mode". Not very complicated with great benefits!

While in live mode (baby monitor mode) it would also be great if motion detection could be enabled and alert (ie you are watching your baby sleep in live mode. You don't want to stare at the screen for 8 hours so it would be nice to have an alert when baby moves in live mode.). Using the motion activated recording is useless for this. Takes to long to connect in to live view.

What I am asking for here can be used not just for baby monitor but other applications as well. It is such an easy change that I'm sure if others backed the need for this netgear would respond. It is in their favour since it will open them to the baby monitor market with a camera that can be used after the baby grows up as a security camera. Currently, it is a lawsuit waiting to happen where someone misses their baby choking by the 15s delay. You catch my drift. Thanks for listening.

This is Italian Page and it is still active.

Go to there and see that they still offer arlo q and arlo as baby cam.

Below one of the claim:

Sonni tranquilli

Devi davvero alzarti dal letto o dal divano per vedere che succede nella culla? Con Arlo, saprai sempre cosa succede.

Come on Jamesc please, don't show new arloBaby as solution, it sounds like a bad joke.

Thanks if you can clarify

Thanks James from NETGEAR for the big announcement ( or should I say SLAP TO THE FACE). This is ridiculous. So your capable developers figured out a way to connect direct finally and they offer it in a new product as an attempt to suck more money from existing customers. What a joke!!!!!!!
Travis Kalanick · 2017-01-06 15-43-32.pngHi my fellow brothers in misfortune. Let's create some waves and spread the petition I just created. We need to be heard by real decision makers not this JamesC moderator or any of their customer service representative. Please feel free to correct the petition text. I made it personal to me, but maybe you want to remove or add something. After we get 100 signatures, this petition will be sent out to top Netgear's Execs, whose email contacts I found.
  • Patrick Lo
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


  • Mark Merrill
    Chief Technology Officer


  • Michael Falcon
    Senior Vice President of Operations and Support


  • Patrick J. Collins III
    Senior Vice President of Smart Home Products

Also, I will pitch all the technology magazines and bloggers to cover this angle while Netgear is introducing a new Baby Cam product to the market.


I don't know maybe this is a bad idea and we achieve nothing, but I'm tired of this bull***t attitude coming from Netgear.


Given the Arlo Baby camera goes on sale just in April, I'm sure they are still developing and polishing this direct wifi connection in the firmware, we need to demand the same functionality on the Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus cameras and show them that they better start to develop the same solution for us now.

I also have a little baby boy and bought one of these to put in his room. Having tried it over the last couple of nights it simply isn't useable as a baby monitor and I believe it's false advertising to state that it is. Although I'm impressed with the hardware and software, having read through this thread I find netgear's attitude towards their customers to be hugely disappointing. To have spent £170 on a camera advertised as a baby monitor, only to be told that to get that functionality I will need to buy another camera in 3 months time, is appalling.

Bought the Arlo Q a while ago for our upcoming little one. Ones installed also noticed the delay, which is not accaptable. Arlo advertised white the nanny cam feature , which they removed now from their site. And now they are coming whith the Arlo Baby Cam? Customers fooled by Arlo/Netgear!!!!



Got this lag too, can't even call that a "live" view when all you're seeing is events that have already happened 10-15 secs ago. This is unacceptable, none of my other camera has this lag.


Hey Netgear, if you can implement a workaround for such lag in your upcoming new product, implement the fix to your broken products too. Its ridiculous telling your consumers "hey we've found a fix to your problem, but you'll have to buy our new products"


Yeah all the Arlo Q users plagued by this live view lag is going to buy Arlo Baby, NOT!


In fact I'm going to return all the Arlo Q units.


Netgear should offer 1 year return (or exahange for Arlo Baby) to Arlo Q buyers.



I'm experiencing these issues as well. We just bought it to monitor our newborn but both the lag and connectivity issues make this cam completly unreliable and unsafe for any purpose requiring live video feedback, let alone monitoring a child. Completly unacceptable. Although, Netgear seems to have removed the Ads clearly suggesting the camera as a viable baby cam, they still have baby images suggesting the posibility. I signed the petition hoping something can be done. Luckily I can still return mine, however I cannot wait for the Baby Cam to be released, so I'll probably be going for one without remote capabilities, like Samsung or similar. I feel bad for those who are out of their return window. I hope Netgear listens and fixed all Arlo cameras.


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After having the same problem and reading this post, I have signed the petition as well.