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Arlo Pro Power and Video Options - POE

Suggestion for Arlo Pro Camera Power:

Keep battery charging seperate from Camera.

Add ability to use POE (Power over ethernet) for the Arlo Pro cameras. Those already usiing IP camera can start using Arlo cameras when they replace thier current cameras.

Also have option for the video signal thru POE to the base station.

Essentially making Arlo Pro camera more versatile. Those who want to use wireless can use wireless and those who want to use wired can use wired option. Current power option requires regular electric outlet and is not designed to use outside the building. One should able to mix and match ie Have two cameras using POE wired and 3 camera using wireless.


Why would someone replace POE camera with Arlos. For ease of use and better app vs many POE camera apps and cloud and local storage vs NVR. 


A PoE option would be a great alternative to power the Arlo Pro camera, has anyone successfully used a splitter like the one mentioned above?  I see Wasserstein makes one too but the product description says it can power the Arlo Pro base station, doesn't reference the camera.


No way did I spend £100's wiring up my POE cameras so that i could repalce them for a battery charging solution

Will not buy this system until a POE camera is available


I currently have PoE cameras. Why don’t you have a PoE cable to power your cameras so we don’t need to run electrical.


PoE is a great idea.  It would make wiring easier and less obtrusive.  It would also allow switching other systems to Arlo.  If there was as a cable that would take a female ethernet plug and convert it to male micro usb, you would make a lot of people happy.  I would even go with a pin layout so that I could make my own.