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Arlo Pro Power and Video Options - POE

Suggestion for Arlo Pro Camera Power:

Keep battery charging seperate from Camera.

Add ability to use POE (Power over ethernet) for the Arlo Pro cameras. Those already usiing IP camera can start using Arlo cameras when they replace thier current cameras.

Also have option for the video signal thru POE to the base station.

Essentially making Arlo Pro camera more versatile. Those who want to use wireless can use wireless and those who want to use wired can use wired option. Current power option requires regular electric outlet and is not designed to use outside the building. One should able to mix and match ie Have two cameras using POE wired and 3 camera using wireless.


Why would someone replace POE camera with Arlos. For ease of use and better app vs many POE camera apps and cloud and local storage vs NVR. 


Here are some suggestions for improvement for the arlo cameras:

1. Make it an option to power the base station via power-over-ethernet so I can mount the base station to the ceiling in the center of my house (just like my wireless access point) and make the stand removable. I already have a POE switch I can connect to it, just like my ceiling mounted WAP.

2. Provide a way to mark areas of the cameras view to ignore motion (similar to your pan-and-zoom function, but more flexible). My camera is pointed at my front yard, which is beside the street and every time a car goes by it triggers the camera. If I turn sensitivity down then it doesnt capture motion on my yard. If I could "mask out" the street via the UI then it can ignore motion there.

3. Develop an add-on IR booster light triggered by the camera, for large areas.

4. Allow the cameras to be powered by POE. You can put rechargeable batteries in it to power the IR LEDs (since the current draw would probably exceed the POE capacity), but have the batteries be charged by POE.

5. Optionally allow the cameras to transmit over existing wireless networks. That way I could use my existing wireless coverage (which is much better coverage than the arlo base station).


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Great suggestions! Thanks for sharing.


My concern is when the Arlo camera's night vision infrared lights come on when motion activates camera. This shows the thief exactly where the camera is. This makes me afraid I could lose a camera as well as my property.
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The Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. We greatly appreciate the communities contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on it's potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


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I have a really nice HIKVision POE setup that I've recently assembled and installed. The hardware is excellent, the pictures beautiful, etc. The software, however, is dated and is configurable to the point of creating a ton of confusion. There's also no tie in outside the ecosystem to things like Smartthings. That being said, I like what I have for now because the hardware is quality and flexible (like allowing POE).


BUT I would drop my setup in an instant for an Arlo Pro setup that supported POE, largely because of the software and the hooks into IoT, like Smartthings.    


I have been very frustrated trying to figure out a way I can make the Arlo Pro work at my home. I'm interested in SmartThings integration, good night vision, motion sensing, two-way audio, onboard (and/or NVR) storage, and the reportedly great app and programmatic features here. All that said, I can barely abide an outdoor surveillance camera that doesn't support PoE.


I am at this very moment making a very large investment in home automation and security. A flexible surveillance system is central to it, and wherever possible I am trying to ensure integration of all things, e.g. scheduling and Z-Wave support through SmartThings. With respect to the security system, a deal killer for me is (having to constantly recharge batteries and) no PoE option. I'm also not going to hack an outside weather mount for an indoor model, just to get PoE.


So it looks like Arlo is out for me, for now.


(P.S. One additional point for product managers watching this thread: besides adding PoE, please advertise your support of ONVIF.)


Please add PoE for your Arlo Pro outdoor cameras!! Please!! I need 5 of them ASAP.  🙂


I'm in a similar situation as other members above. We've just finished a home build and pre-wire outdoor location security camera locations with Cat6e. The Arlo solution and subscription looks compelling for an outdoor and indoor system. The ethernet and POE option addition seems like a no brainer data and power. 


This feature gets my vote!


I also really wish they had these Arlo Pro cameras with POE.  I have been searching for years for replacements for my current POE system.  I can't stand the idea of swapping batteries on a weekly or daily basis up on a ladder all around my house.  Wired is better for many other reasons also.  But I still can't believe they didn't release a POE version right away.  Now I'm looking for other cameras.  I just bought 2 Arlo Q indoor cameras this week and they're great.  The app works well and they're easy to set up.  I wanted to add outdoor cameras until I saw there's no POE version.  Now I'm in search of something else and if anyone knows of anything as good or almost as good as Arlo, let me know.  If I'm still in the return window of mine I'll get something else so my whole system is running the same thing.

I know several guys at work were really interested in these until they saw there's no POE for the outdoor ones.  That's pretty weird, I wonder why they didn't make them.



Wouldn't a PoE splitter like: this work? Admittedly, the data/ethernet would be unused but you could still use the Catt6 run to carry power and possibly data later if you ever replace the Arlo Pro.  


I was gifted a used original Arlo setup and I am already worried about batteries so I may well upgrade some of the cameras to the Arlo Pros and use the PoE option with that adapter.