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Arlo Doorbell with a camera combined

I really like my Arlo cameras but I’m giving constructive criticism. I was hoping you would release a doorbell, however the new doorbell is going to be poorly received.  I want a doorbell with a camera combined. I don’t want to have purchase an $80 doorbell and a $150 camera to go with it. There is a lot of competition in this area. Please combine a camera and doorbell so I only have to by one device. I’ll be the first to purchase one. Thank you for listening.  

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Status changed to: Future Consideration

Any chance that a video doorbell will make it to market? Very disappointing that Arlo is audio only. I would like to “see” the person coming to the door. Mounting a camera is an option, if it’s inconspicuous (read above eye level) I get to view the top of someone’s head. If I want to see the face of the visitors the camera must be low enough that it is an easy target for theft. A wired video doorbell would take care of these issues. If Arlo ever joins the competition I would be in line for 5 to cover both  my and my daughters home.


I have three Arlo Pro cameras and I still want a doorbell with a camera integrated.  I get that your product guys and marketing folks want to separate yourselves from the camera doorbell market.  But your attempt is lackluster and not what the market wants.  Square peg round hole.  Audio only..... seriously!


Typically people are going to mount the Arlo cameras in a place that is not easy to reach.  Generally higher off the ground...  I would wager that 90% do this.  Who wants to risk a $200+  camera investment?  The problem with this is that you get the top of peoples heads more often than not.  Whereas a doorbell camera actually gets your visitors dead on.  You are able to have an excellent view of the faces of the people in front of your door.  Heck, just the fact that Arlo provides 7 day cloud recording sets you apart from the majority of the doorbell camera companies.


I personally would use the Arlo Pro camera to get the big area view at my door and an Arlo doorbell camera to capture who is at my door.  But having a doorbell that only does audio is worthless.  Especially when the cameras already do audio.  Go and check your sales statistics and I bet you that they are not so good.  


Please forgive my cynical tone.  I am a fan, I really am.  But I also am not going to hold back when I see a product that simply has no place in the majority of this market.


I have several cameras and your base.  Work great I do not know of any other cameras that can do better.


Bought your door bell.  Thought it had camera  - My bad.  No camera in door bell  - Your bad.  I am now returning the door bell.


I read the reasons you do not have a door bell with a camera.  You are so wrong.  Most people want a small camera at their front rather than your larger camera.  I do not really need a door bell camera, I just want a small camera for front security.

Now I need to decide whether to dump your system and go for one of you competitors who have a small camera, although I do not need the door bell.


Not having a smaller camera defeats the quality of the cameras you do have.


Don B.




Does anyone know if there are plans for an Arlo video doorbell?