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Arlo Doorbell - Disable LED during the day time

I have two Arlo doorbells, one in a very active are and another on a door that gets activity once or twice a month.  I have replaced the batteries on the active doorbell twice so far and they are currently at 50%.  I noticed that when the doorbell detects motion the led ring is lighting up, even during full sun when it is difficult to see.  I would suggest Arlo create an option to disable the led during the day to increase battery life on the doorbell.

Arlo Moderator

We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


Please make this an option. My doorbell is mounted on the side of our mailbox on our front fence and our street is extremely active. Our batteries die in a week.


I'd also like this.

I have to change batteries every 3 weeks because my doorbell is installed in a very transited area.

I would like to disable that or lower the sensitivity of the motion detection feature.


I have an Arlo Pro3 Floodlight.  I disable it in the day when I am around.  Does this help with the battery life?


Hi, I'm the new owner of two Audio doorbells. One on the front door and one on the gate. Unfortunately the gate overlooks the busy road and the audio doorbell lights up every time a car or a person passes by. I disabled the motion sensor from the app and base settings but it wasn't enough. The audio doorbell silently continues to light up and signal movement to the base. (please see screenshot attached) This quickly drains the battery and draws unwanted attention from passersby. As advised by your customer service (case 42324761) I wrote here to propose the addition of the function to completely disable the motion sensor and LED notify (as happens with the new Video doorbell). 

I am a new customer fascinated by your technology and inclined to buy cameras but customer loyalty is achieved by supporting their requests and in this case it is a small implementation on the software side.
Thanks in advance for the support and your work.