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Arlo Camera Mode Settings, Locations, Schedule, Motion Zone, Wifi, and Accessory Feedback

New user, these have been my impressions so far.  Arlo cameras with base station and a pair of Arlo Q cameras.


I would like to enhance the camera mode settings as follows:

  • Mix and match modes. I would like geofencing during the day, but have a schedule that overrides this at night such that my cameras are armed while I'm home but sleeping.
  • I would like to allow geo-fencing for multiple devices, even if they don't have camera access. So if I leave the house, I don't want to get a ton of alerts about the family still at home. I don't want my kids (or their friends) to be able to alter my settings or view the cameras.
  • Put a save button on the web app for the modes. Since geofencing is only available from mobile, if you click off it, you now have to go back to your phone to re-add it.

Make Locations account-level objects. Right now, if I want to set up geofencing for a single location, I have to go define "Home" once for the base station and again for each Arlo Q camera. Why can't I define it once and add it to each device?


Make Schedules account-level objects. If I want to set up a schedule that has the camera disarmed M-F from 6:30-7:30am and again from 5:00-10pm, and on weekends from 8:00am-11pm, I have to do a lot of scheduling!  Arm M-F Midnight to 6:30, Arm M-F 7:30-5pm, Arm 10pm-Midnight. Arm Weekends from midnight to 8am. Arm weekends from 10pm to midnight. Now do that for each Arlo Q camera in addition to the base station! Why can't I define it once and add it to each device?


Oh, and what if I leave and want to arm the cameras for a bit? Do I lose my schedules?


Allow motion zones to be defined by polygons.  My street cuts through at an angle. If I try to define a motion zone (or zones) out of rectangles, I miss a bunch of area I do want to monitor.


Add a magnetic base-extension piece. It's really hard to angle the cameras correctly with the magnetic bases if you don't have a straght line. A 2" section with a magnet on one side and a steel ball on the other end would be a perfect adapter. How about a right-angle adapter?


Allow more than one wifi connection. I want to get with my neighbor and exchange wifi passwords such that someone can't cut my cable line and disable my cameras. If we had wifi rollover, it'd just jump onto the next available network!


I don't know what I did, but one of my cameras had a bright magenta image instead of green grass for awhile... 

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NETGEAR Employee

Hey @lund0529,


Welcome to the Arlo Community! The Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thanks for posting your feedback!