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Arlo Base Station notification if unpowered

I usually get a few notifications a week about camera activity. Last night, noticing there was no recent activity, I logged into my app and much to my surprise, the entire system was offline. I looked at the base station, and it appears someone unplugged it in our house a week ago when moving some stuff around, and never plugged it back in.


I was astonished to find out from tech support that there is in fact no courtesy reminder that the system was unpowered. While it would not make sense to have multiple reminders when someone takes it down purposely, a single notification or email would have been very very helpful, considering it had been monitoring the house since I installed it last autumn.


I get a notification if a camera battery is low, why could one not be generated if the whole system is powered off?




Hi, I'm a new user of Arlo Pro 2 System and it has been running great for me for about two weeks now up till this morning. Apparently, my internet connection went down at some point during the night. It was later restored after few hours but I found it strange that no alert notification for this critical even was sent by Arlo's cloud service to my mobile phone. So, I ran a simple experiment:

1. Logged into my account and confirmed that Base Station and all cameras are online

2. Disconnected network cable from Base Station.


Almost immediately status of my devices changed to Unavailable. This means that (as expected) Arlo’s Cloud Service is well aware of the status of devices (or, at least of the status of Base Station) linked to my subscription account. Having worked in IT Industry for many years, I understand how simple it would be to tight "Connected" and "Disconnected" events to new notification alerts should there be a desire to do so. With that being said, I suspect that rlorenzo Fledgling may be right about the real reason for this feature not getting implemented after at least two years user have been asking for it. Netgear is concerned about increase of the service calls volume once this option is implemented. I really hope I’m wrong here. Would anyone from Netgear care to comment?

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Status changed to: Future Consideration

Thank you very much for taking to concideration implementing this feature! It will be really great to know that there is a problem with Arlo Security System without having to constantly check manualy if it is still online.