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Apple HomeKit

To integrate arlo into the Apple Home Kit would be a great improvement.


Now I have a great camera system with an app, a weather station with an app and some other sensors in the Apple home kit and they do not work together. 


E.g. an alarm could be triggered by the motion sensor of the camera or the camera could be switched on by a door or windows sensor even if the motion sensor is not activated because the object is too far away and so on. There are a lot of possibilities with connecting the systems. 


Is this planned to do?


I'd like to add to the chorus of users requesting Homekit...


I have an Arlo system in two houses that I own.  I really like it, but i'd like it far more if it would integrate with Homekit.


I recently purchased and have been using a Logitech Circle 2 and I really like the direct integration with Homekit.  I have a large Homekit compatible setup with lights, garage door, window/door sensors, and wall switches.  The only thing missing is my camera system.  I really would hate to have to switch to another camera system simply because Arlo is dragging their feet in integrating with Apple.


Now that Apple has relaxed the requirements for Homekit integration and it can be done via software authentication and no longer requires hardware authentication there is no reason why Netgear shouldn't get this done.


As geofencing seems to be a complete waste of time (still can’t get the system to reliably work out whether 2 different iPhones are inside or outside a zone how about an Apple Watch app to more conveniently access manual modes. 


And makjng arlo homekit compatible is a glaring omission so far in my opinion. 


HomeKit, please...
"How hard can it be?" Smiley Wink It's 2018 (in a few days)...

This makes me seriously think to return my beloved Arlo Pro system.


I've been in contact with support via chat and was told that this thread is read by Netgear Engineering team.

Please give us users any feedback on the progress of integrating Arlo with HomeKit...


Although rightly pointed out above Apple now permit software authentication for HomeKit, it is my understanding the encryption requirements demand a certain standard of processing power so unless existing Arlo base units have powerful chips already built in, software authentication may still not be possible. 


But i too find the lack of HomeKit support a massive surprise and a major annoyance especially as geofencing is so unreliable. 


So, for several years this has been requested and still nothing?  No answers?  


Obviously Netgear knows this is in high demand, they have had time to work on it. I get the sense they are preying on people buying their system in hopes it will happen since they don’t give any definitive responses to the requests for Home Kit. 


Love the cameras.  They picked up a prowler in our yard about a week ago.  Home Kit would be greatly appreciated. 


In light of no official word I had a live chat the other evening with Netgear as follows:-


Agent Bill Nico L

( 15s ) Bill Nico L: Hi . Thank you for choosing NETGEAR.
( 24s ) Bill Nico L: My name is Bill with Expert ID 46284. How may I help you today?
( 35s ) 2 quick questions (as it’s after midnight here in the U.K.).
( 53s ) Bill Nico L: Sure, go ahead.
( 2m 4s ) (1) why has netgear NOT included Apple HomeKit functionality in Arlo Pro 2? This seems a very short sighted decision. And (2) with Apple relaxing HomeKit authentication, what chance is there of Arlo Pro v1 systems becoming HomeKit compatible via the software authentication route Apple now offers?
( 3m 19s ) Bill Nico L: I see, would need to verify that information first. Please stay on the line.
( 3m 26s ) Ok
( 9m 17s ) Bill Nico L: OK going back, this feature is not yet discussed if it will be added on our not. I would suggest that you post it on our community site:
( 10m 20s ) I have suggested it on there and I notice there are several threads one of which dates back to 2016 and is 14 pages long. So it seems no one bothers reading the feature requests which are added there.
( 12m 40s ) Bill Nico L: Base on what we have discussed by my colleagues a while ago, our engineers are considering/planning to add the app but they haven't provided any estimated date when will it be launched.
( 15m 54s ) It would be good if someone with sufficient technical knowledge could reply on the feature exchange forum to help answer the million dollar question - can HomeKit be added to v1 or v2 systems - yes or no and if so when it might be done. Like I said it’s been discussed for over a year now and still no word from Netgear. Until recently Apple require a hardware authentication authentication chip at some cost to make a smart device HomeKit compatible. Whilst that is still an allowance route with iOS 11 Apple also now allow a software authentication route provided the hardware can provide sufficient encryption. The bottom line is whether the existing chipset in Arlo base units can handle Apple’s encryption requirements.
( 19m 1s ) Please forward this so someone in the software team and see if they’d like to respond to me or publicly on the idea exchange forum. I have many friends who have not bought Arlo because there’s no HomeKit compatibility. I’m sure there are lots of others doing the same. I too would have not bought Arlo had I known now what I know about HomeKit compatible products. The ability to turn lights on and off via Siri and change my heating temperatures talking to my watch is extremely convenient. Having to find the Arlo app, await it logging in, choosing mode and then selecting the mode I want is cumbersome, slow and inconvenient when I could just ask Siri to “arm Arlo” for example.
( 22m 27s ) Bill Nico L: I understand but at least you could have tried to check our website. There, is stated there our partners:
( 22m 59s ) Bill Nico L: I will forward this to the appropriate department so they can respond to you on the community page.



Got the impression the agent wasn’t fully aware of HomeKit and certainly offered nothing concrete. So gained little from the live chat. 


Having now got Tado smart heating, Lifx smart lighting and WIFIPLUG smart plugs, the convenience of having these HomeKit compatible is significant. The lack of HomeKit compatibility with Arlo is, in my honest opinion, already over a year overdue and to see Arlo Pro 2 still remains lacking HomeKit functionality I find a clear demonstration Netgear have no intention of providing it. I wonder if Apple and Netgear have fallen out behind the scenes. 




+1 I want this too. I'm not investing in any more Arlo's cameras until I know there will be Homekit support.


Another vote for HomeKit intergration!  


Logitech has HomeKit capabilty on their cameras and beat you to it dispite coming to market later than Netgear.  I would like to avoid repurchasing cameras, but if I do, I would not come back to Netgear in the future.  I went through this with MyQ Garage Door debacule and will not wait around for another company to say whether they will or will not support Homekit. Take a dump or get off the pot Netgear. I really need lights in my Homekit setup to be triggered by the Arlos, let's be honest, the night time video with the included LEDs is good for about 10ft or less.  It is a matter of home security. Plus it looks like the Baby Cam got the Homekit treatment, what about the larger majority of Arlo Pro users?  Seems like an odd first move, but one in the right direct at least.


Plus this forum keeps auto editing and deleting my posts.  WTF?


The Arlo baby will get HomeKit support, and I hope the Arlo Q and Pro will also get HomeKit. Anyway, I am going to get an Arlo baby as it is the closest thing to an Arlo Go here in Norway


Absolutely, this is a must and I've halted purchases of more Arlo cameras based on two primary criteria. 1) no Homekit support, and 2) the Pro Cameras cold weather temperature limitations. Both of which have been show stoppers for me in a northern climate when I am integrating my home for away periods. Frankly, the Arlo's are stand alone and not performing well in winter. If they at least at had homekit support, there might be a hope for them in a homekit enabled household (and ask yourself what percentage of the market you think that might be in 3 years!)