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Apple HomeKit

To integrate arlo into the Apple Home Kit would be a great improvement.


Now I have a great camera system with an app, a weather station with an app and some other sensors in the Apple home kit and they do not work together. 


E.g. an alarm could be triggered by the motion sensor of the camera or the camera could be switched on by a door or windows sensor even if the motion sensor is not activated because the object is too far away and so on. There are a lot of possibilities with connecting the systems. 


Is this planned to do?


Homekit is table stakes for me. With all of my other devices HomeKit compatible, cameras that aren't (or make promises for the future without firm dates/plans) aren't even in set of options for evaluation.


Corporate transparency is good. If HomeKit is planned, say so. If not, that is respected too. We all have money to spend and products to recommend and have a desire to know.  Looking forward to any updates...


Another +1. For me this would make my home automation setup complete. The Arlo geolocation features for multiple users is sketchy at best and the utilisation of Apple’s new “Automation” features one HomeKit would allow for activation/deactivation of devices upon first person entering the specified location and/or the last person leaving the specified location.


Please add HomeKit support.  I'm highly invested in the Apple Ecosystem.  HomeKit suport would definitely make it more likely for me to add more Arlo cameras. 



This is the biggest draw back to the Alro system. I upvoted and hope this is the one the team is looking at.


Need Homekit, when will this be available? If ever? 

Home kit is included in the new base station. Either purchase the new kit or buy the new base station alone. But don’t expect the home kit to be added to the existing one. Because it requires a chip to be added and the original came out long before the home kit chip was created.



"Home kit is included in the new base station" I don't think this is correct? Based on the research I have done neither the original Arlo or Arlo Pro base stations have the MFI authentication chip!?! If they did that would be great but I'm pretty sure they dont!



"But don’t expect the home kit to be added to the existing one." Actually with iOS11 software autentication for Homekit is now possible... Apple have removed the necessity of having an official/approved MFI chip.


Therefore there is now no reason that Netgear Arlo cant include HomeKit integrated... come on Arlo... get on it!!! I currently have 3 Arlo Qs only but if they were to intergrate to Apple Homekit I would buy 5 or 6 Arlo Pros as well as a few more Arlo Qs.  No point spending any more money until Arlo offer a system that is future proofed as much as possible (e.g. integrates with Apple etc).


Homekit isn't included/enabled in the new base station.

Sorry I was wrong. I swear I thought it was part of the reason these a**hats expected us to upgrade to the new base station. But it was not on that pathetic list of junk. Sorry I retract my comment about it having HomeKit. But I did hear they no longer require the chip. But not sure that is true too.