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Apple HomeKit

To integrate arlo into the Apple Home Kit would be a great improvement.


Now I have a great camera system with an app, a weather station with an app and some other sensors in the Apple home kit and they do not work together. 


E.g. an alarm could be triggered by the motion sensor of the camera or the camera could be switched on by a door or windows sensor even if the motion sensor is not activated because the object is too far away and so on. There are a lot of possibilities with connecting the systems. 


Is this planned to do?

Reviving this thread with the recent news that iOS 11 will allow for software authentication and does not require the typical HomeKit "chip" that has been the authentication for HomeKit up to iOS 10.
This mean that any current products out there could adapt HomeKit compatibility via a firmware upgrade.
Aka, Arlo HomeKit compatibility for your current hardware if Arlo decides to implement it.
Please Arlo, tell us you're looking into this. I'd even pay a reasonable HomeKit firmware upgrade fee.

I'm wondering what other requirements there are for HomeKit compatibility and if Arlo meets every other requirement other than the Hardware Chip which will no longer be needed after iOS 11 and TVOS  updates.


I love my Arlo Pro, but what I'm missing is to see Apple HomeKit support that would integrate Arlo Pro into my Smart Home 🏡. At least a few features used often would be great. 


It is necessary. It is absolutely necessary.

They must integrate Arlo with Homekit.

At the moment I have my house practically domotized with homekit, and I only fail the security system, which is not integrated with the rest of devices.

My security system is Arlo. And I do not want to change it. Please integrate homekit with arlo. PLEASE!


luckily idea exchange Status is Engineering Investigation. We just need more people to kudos it to help move the process along. The more interest the more elevated the topic.


I was at WWDC 2017 this year (fellow developer) and one of the biggest news was that HomeKit no longer requires a hardware authentication chip and it can be done in software.  Better yet, you can push a software update out to existing devices to enable HomeKit support.


This is a no brainer for the Arlo cameras....would absolutely love to be able to use Siri, etc to access the Arlo cameras!


Netgear must move forward and get Apple HomeKit integration with at least the Pro base and cameras. For the premium price of $200 per camera, and given the huge number of Apple users worldwide this is a must. 


The integration of Apple Homekit willl be an amazing project for Arlo/Arlo Pro Cameras. If it has not planned yet, it should be integrated as soon as possible.

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Please put this system with home kit then this would be the best system would think that should of been the first thing they should of done ....