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Apple HomeKit Secure Video

Apple announced a new service called Homekit Secure Video...they announced three companies that will start implementing it but unfortunately arlo was not amongst them...I hope arlo announces and enables this service in addition to the promised by not yet seen Homekit integration.

Wow. I didnt know my post would become this famous, but I am happy that we are talking about this topic an raising the right questions.  I think ARLO has good hardware atleast in early days they were amazing tech and good strategy, but some where along the lines they got greedy and started charging for these smart notifications and became adamant about adding homeKit support. Remember it took them so long to add the basic homekit support. I agree other cam companies are now adding more advanced features like HSV  for example Eufy cams and if ARLO want to stay in the game, they will have to work towards adding support for features which customers want to see.  One thing which I always liked about ARLO was free 7 day cloud storage, I dont how how cloud storage work on Eufy cam ( may be someone can explain me)  and please I understand thief usually do grab and go, but I do want to keep the cloud as backup. There are many things which can go wrong on local storage, may be use icloud for storage that way you control your own data and can increase or decrease the days worth of backup by buying more storage. Also local processing is the best way to go for faster notification and better enhance notifications like person, vs dog detection or a known person coming to door.  All in all, ARLO got some work to do to be at the top otherwise other companies are coming strong. Eufy is one strong contender.  Lets list all the cam companies which are today supporting HSV 


@illuminous totally agree HKSV had teething issues, like any new product, but it's gotten way better.  And the improvements coming with iOS14, like activity zones and facial recognition from the photos on your phone, make it even better.  I also agree that starting a subscription for HKSV is probably how Arlo will end up going, but honestly I'd still move away from them if that's the case.  Why would I pay for a service that I can get for free elsewhere?


@damdude03 Arlo were great when Netgear was running them.  Since becoming their own company they have just spiralled so quickly down, and the fact that they blatantly refuse to accept or implement what their customers want is what really gets me.  In regards to Eufy, they have a subscription option for cloud storage, but if you're using HKSV then you get the cloud storage for free anyway.  As for Arlo's free 7 days, that's only on their legacy cameras.  The Ultras, Pro3, Essential, and all new cameras being released no longer have that option.  You either pay for a subscription, or you use local storage.  And if you're using local storage, then you need to open up ports on your router to be able to access it off-site, which is just a whole other security concern.


I just purchased 4 Arlo Ultra 2 cameras from Costco, and their return policy is amazing.  Honestly I’m going to give Arlo a couple months to release an update that supports Secure Video if it I will find an alternative.


I will say it is early in development for any camera provider, and I think Arlo is in a great spot to win a ton of business if they decide to support this.   Be a good time to announce right before holidays, I am potentially looking to buy 1 or 2 more cameras if supported.  


Wow, no Homekit Secure Video or even plan to add this function as of today 9/17/2020.  I am giving Arlo/Netgear another month or I will be selling 3 x Arlo Pro 2 + base station off eBay and get cameras that has Secure Video functions...  I am already paying for iCloud storage and Netgear provides 7 days of free video clip storage, so why keep the limitation when you could sell more hardware?


Now I see why homekit face recognition (ios 14) doesn't work with Arlo... It's a shame. I bought 2 ultra cameras for that, I never thought a really good cam like that wouldn't implement this feature...


@qstcottage Netgear haven't had anything to do with Arlo in years.  They sold them in 2018.  That's when all the issues began.


Now that they're in stock again here in Australia, I've ordered a Circle View to give that a go... I'll definitely miss the 4K of the Ultra's if I end up replacing them all, but on balance I just value the privacy benefits and other features of HSV higher.




It supposedly a different company but everything is the same... their own shipping dept for replacement units are from the same place.. I can go on and on..


With all the cool new features just released in iOS 14 for HomeKit Secure Video, does Arlo have any plans to add support?


I bought the Arlo Pro 3 thinking it would support Secure Video (not just "regular" HomeKit support). If Arlo is considering adding this feature, I'm happy to wait for this. Otherwise, I'm thinking of taking them back and buying another camera that supports Secure Video.


For me Apple HSV is a deal-breaker, I'm planning to give Arlo a couple more months but if this feature won't come to the update roadmap for sure I'll sell my kit with 5 Ultra and probably move to Eufy solution.


Arlo team, Please do not disappoint us! all of us invest big money with Arlo solution and understand the tech and the team will support future features so, please!