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Apple HomeKit Secure Video

Apple announced a new service called Homekit Secure Video...they announced three companies that will start implementing it but unfortunately arlo was not amongst them...I hope arlo announces and enables this service in addition to the promised by not yet seen Homekit integration.

That will be interesting to see what happens at WWDC... I've wondered whether Apple doing HomeKit Secure Video actually signalled their intent to do their own cameras, which would be fantastic but they don't seem to have shown any intentions to go into the space...



I understand what you mean, and you are right about tech being either fabricated and/or assembled in China. And this is okay because they have proven with time that they can make high quality devices (unlike in the 1990s) without sacrificing costs.


But most tech is conceived outside of China and conception is the most important pillar when you want to put a new product on the market. If you have a bad conception with state or the art fabrication and assembling processes, your product won't go anywhere. You have to start everything from square 1. If you have state or the art conception and bad fabrication and assembling processes, you can still improve the latter or change supplier and save your product.


As for China, they are still bad at conception even today. Plus, a government of mass surveillance like what they have, unfortunately forces a few companies to conceive mal intentioned devices. Regarding privacy, buying most stuff from them doesn't really matter, but buying a camera is perhaps the most risky thing you can do.


I'm undecided if I should buy the Arlo Pro 2 or the Eufy Cam, I'd prefer the Arlo, but the Eufy has Homekit Secure Video, so, if Arlo doesn't announce that this feature is also coming to their cameras, I'm going to buy the Eufy


@Alex44 I doubt we will ever see this from Arlo. Late last year Arlo indicated they had no plans to support HSV. 


My suggestion would be to wait for Apple WWDC later this month and then make your decision. There were some leaks of iOS 14, which included some new HomeKit Secure Video features, which looked great. 


Have also a look at the latest Logitech Circle or the just (this week) announced camera from EVE. Both support HomeKit secure video and are focussed on privacy.

Arlo does not seem to care about keeping its customers or even replying to this discussion.


Unfortunately I have to agree. For Arlo to have not even responded with a simple “Yes” or “No” with regards to support for ASV speaks volumes.


Its an absolute shame as otherwise these Arlo UHD Cams have been great. Great doesn’t help if not secure however, particularly when it comes to the Baby Monitoring model for instance and in particular. Not acceptable. I’d also add the “Extremely loud siren” is a bit of a joke as well as doesn’t even scare the birds in the garden away!


We were set to install these over throughout a large private estate amounting to 100’s of cameras. That’s no longer an option due to lack of security.


I will hold on to the two I purchased for testing but otherwise, we have no choice but to take our business elsewhere due to deadlines.


Time to move on, all the best.


Arlo needs to begin supporting HomeKit secure video from Apple. Your competition is and that is putting Arlo at a competitive disadvantage. 


I have 3 Ultra cameras and I am also paying for the 2TB Cloud to Apple, so I would really like to take advantage of Homekit Secure Video for 5 cameras.

I was thinking on adding 2 more cameras, and since there is no HSV support on the horizon from arlo perspective, then I will at this point buying another brand (Logitech Circle View or eufyCam maybe).

In addition, in the case that after WWDC I realize that arlo will not provide any comments on this topic, I will probably get rid of the arlo cameras and buy 3 more that actually support the homekit secure video.


Well... I am just joining the group of - WTF I just spend $999 on Arlo Ultra and there is no HSV. 


Also, what am I missing here, apple shows the Arlo Ultra as HSV....


No dot, no HSV.