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Apple HomeKit Secure Video

Apple announced a new service called Homekit Secure Video...they announced three companies that will start implementing it but unfortunately arlo was not amongst them...I hope arlo announces and enables this service in addition to the promised by not yet seen Homekit integration.

Hi Jorge, only the bulleted products on that list support Secure Video.


So that'd be Logitech Circle (today), with eufy and Netatmo having announced support in the near future. None of the Arlo gear is bulleted, so still no Secure Video support from Arlo.


Hi cphx,

thanks for the information. Do you know if the Logitech Circle 2 - Wire free also supports it? 


Only the wired version of Logitech Circle 2 supports Homekit Secure Video.

But be careful: Circle 2 has no PIR sensor ==> there are many false detections during light changes

The Eufycams now support Homekit, but Homekit Secure Video is still not supported.

The Arlo Ultra has much better video quality than the Eufycam and a better viewing angle (180 vs 135 degrees). But without Homekit Secure Video, Arlo systems will no longer be an option for me in the future. Many different smarthome systems with different apps is so 2015.

I recently bought the 3pack of Arlo Ultra, plus an extra base station (as the reach on them is rubbish, so I need one base station at one end of the house and one at the other), and yeah, I'm so disappointed that they're not taking up Homekit Secure Video.  I'm honestly tempted to return them and instead get the new Netatmo cameras when they come out.


Netatmo are supporting Homekit Secure, PLUS they do all the person/vehicle/animal detection and rich notifications WITHOUT a subscription, PLUS they don't need a base station as each camera just connects direct to wifi, PLUS their indoor camera has facial recognition that you can manually program, which I'm hoping would be rolled out to the outdoor cameras as well so that I don't get a bloody notification about "PERSON SEEN!" every time I leave my house, PLUS it's the same price per camera as Arlo Ultra.

Can we get this?

Just jumping in to say I’m another that would really appreciate the Secure Video support. Charge me a license fee if that’s what you need to do to protect your business model, that’s fine. I just appreciate the privacy-forward nature of Apple and iCloud storage. 

Also worth pointing out that the Arlo Baby should absolutely be put on HomeKit Secure Video.  In no way should something as sensitive as a baby monitor ever be leaving the home network and bouncing up to a cloud and then back again.


Hi all,


I have had Arlo Pro 2 for quite some time now and have recently tried to get Homekit Secure Video working. No matter what I try to do I just can not seem to get it working since I can not even see the iOS 13 setting "Streaming & Recording" under each camera in Homekit. In the top of each camera setting in Homekit it also states that "This accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with HomeKit.". As mentioned the streaming of the cameras works well in Homekit but I can not figure out how to get Homekit Secure Video up and running.


I got the base station Arlo Pro2 VMB4000R3 with firmware and got four connected cameras which are all identical and use the same firmware


I also got the latest iOS release  13.3 and the 2TB iCloud storage plan so that shouldn't be any issues.


Anyone with Arlo Pro 2 who got this up and running? According to Apple it should be certified and available for my setup.

I am sorry to inform you that arlo does not support the homekit secure video. 😞

Are there any plans at all to add Apple Secure Video as a streaming destination option for the Arlo Ultra and far more importantly (per DaveM8686) the Arlo Baby models? (I'm sure most others would like to see this added across all products that are marketed with Apple HomeKit support..)


Please advise either way so as we can all proceed as per our own requirements. If the answer is yes, can we have an ETA and if no, simply state that.


Thank you