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Apple HomeKit Secure Video

Apple announced a new service called Homekit Secure Video...they announced three companies that will start implementing it but unfortunately arlo was not amongst them...I hope arlo announces and enables this service in addition to the promised by not yet seen Homekit integration.
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Jimkas, this thread is regarding the specific new HomeKit feature, "Apple HomeKit Secure Video," which is not the same as HomeKit support as a video/motion device. Apple HomeKit Secure Video is a feature similar to Netgear's storage options extended to their cameras (where they offer free and paid tiers), except on Apple's secure services and benefiting from Apple's general commitment to privacy.


I, too, am not sure if Arlo will extend support for these features as they compete with Arlo's monetization of this product. But I will be abandoning Arlo if support for these features is ultimately decided against. Privacy is my chief concern when it comes to internet-connected video devices.

New here, just purchased the Arlo Ultra 2pk. I sold my entire Nest setup planning on going all Arlo since they announced HK and the new doorbell, but if they won’t support HK secure video I’m going to buy my 8 cams and 2 doorbells from EufyCam. Loving everything about Arlo so far. Planned on buying a 5pk for myself for Christmas 😔... should I cancel my order on the doorbell??