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Allow rules to work with cameras on different base stations.

I have 10 cameras 2 base stations.     I would like to have a Camera on base station 1 be able to record if a camera on base station 2 sees motion.    I have 10 cameras on my property ideally if someone gets inside I want them all to record so i can see where they go and get as much footage as possible.        


Also say i have 3 cameras on the same base station.   A,B,C.         If camera A sees motion i have it record along with camera B.      Also i have a rule that says if Camera C sees motion it records and Camera B as well.         However if camaera be is already active via its own motion or rule.   Cameras A or C record but it only saves on the USB drive locally.    It does not upload to the website.     Also Say camera B is actiavated and A or C also activate it would be nice if it started the recording time over.

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Still not decided to add this cannot be that hard to code in?