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Alerts Should Lead Directly to Live View OR Recording

I've experimented with several security cameras over the past few weeks, and Ring has the best alerting implementation BY FAR. When a motion alert is received from Ring, it leads directly to a Live View of the event. If you view the alert some time AFTER the event, it leads directly to the Recording of the event. I never precisely timed this, but if roughly 20 to 30 seconds had elapsed after the motion event occurred, Ring was smart enough skip the live view, and take you to the recording. This was MUCH more elegant and faster than what Netgear is doing now with Arlo.


Nest also has a nice alerting method that shows a short video clip of the event embedded in the alert itself. Apparently this has been previously suggested on this forum, and it is marked as coming soon...which is great!


I'm currently testing Blink XT as well as Arlo Pro 2. Arlo is SIGNIFICANTLY higher quality than Blink, but I am really surprised that I can get to the Blink event video faster than Arlo's. Blink's alert always leads directly to the event. No additional taps or logins. This still isn't better than Ring's method, but it shows that Netgear has some work to do.


If embedded alert videos are coming soon, then my suggestion is to blend this with the Ring implementation. If we view the alert quickly, send us directly to the Live View. If we view the alert later, send us to the Recording. No additional taps or delays. While you're at it, eliminate the constant login requirement. My phone is very secure already.


I have to agree with this. If I get an alert on my notification screen, tapping it should go straight to live view on that camera. I too don't need to log in to Arlo, I had to log into the phone to get to Arlo. 


Alerts showing camera feed immediately on phone would be great!  It takes too much precious time to log into Arlo, pull up live camera and wait for it to show once an alert happens.  I'd prefer to just glance at my phone and see immediately what set off the camera so I can get back to work.   Can this be fixed through Internet as I don't want to have to buy say Arlo 3?


100% agree. having to login to the app every time is frustrating at best and by the time the live feed has loaded, the event is old news. There's no time to react and set off the alarm having to go through all these steps.


I agree with the OP and everyone here.  It really is ridiculous that I've never been able to unlock phone, log in to Arlo, and get the live camera feed in time to actually be useful.  It's just weird that isn't noticed and addressed long ago, it is so fundamtental to the usefulness of the product.

I don’t know if I dreamt this but I could have swore that at one time Arlo had it when the alert went off you clicked the alert and it went to live view so you can see what was going on   But maybe I imagined it   From what I see it seems Netgear has changed little pieces of the puzzle most for the worse and also doesn’t care or pay attention to their forums for the majority of people that are out there   I’m an elevator engineer and I see this daily where a manufacturer puts a product out there only to have millions of people give feedback to make their product better or to get R and D on it  it’s just taking their engineers very long to facilitate a proper configurable alert on Arlo cameras  shame!  

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At least you get to see some sort of image. When someone rings my doorbell it shows a blank image because my 4K Ultra image never loads. When a thief stopped by last night to steel a Jerry can of gas, the recording didn't even start until after he had left. I presume it's because it takes so long to send the 4k images to the hub. The cameras should all have build in SD cards so the data can be written immediately even if there is a problem with the wireless connection.
I agree with oturn completely, on all his points. It's not nearly as helpful to get the image after the thief is gone, or to not even get an image of the thief at all, which is what happened to me last night. It takes so long to even begin the recording, let along send the recording that it's hardly even a security system.

I agree. Nest does this very well, but it's sorely missing from Arlo.

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I have a 4 Camera Arlo Ultra system. They are named front yard, drive way, backyard view, and backyard. Currently whenever you recieve a notification in the Arlo App from any of the cameras, you tap on any of the notifications from any of the cameras the app opens app and you still have to search and remember which camera gave you the last or middle notification out of the 4 and wait another 6 to 8 seconds to open up. This doesn't make any sense by the time you get to right camera whatever was there or still may move in 6 to 7 seconds. Once you recieve an alert from any camera you should be able to tap on it and the app should take you to that exact camera instead of taking to the app menu of cameras and you still have to find the camera and wait another 6 to 7 seconds to access it.

Please Arlo fix this. It would improve the arlo experience if you update the app ASAP.. 

Thank you