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Alerting Mechanism for Base Station / Camera Offline

Our installation will be very remote beach house. There is a need for mains failure detection in case intruder has deliberately switched of the power. This would be a nice sofware update feature.

This is not a joke and no longer funny. This thread was created September 2015 with no improvement or resolution. I just filled out a survey and tried to connect to Arlo’s CEO on LinkedIn, too, to understand why there are NO people to talk to at Arlo, and NO people are working on this problem. And it IS a problem when my base station lights continue to act normally but the station and all of my Arlo and ArloPro cameras go offline. And because of my Spectrum cable internet, I do reset my router frequently, and I would set it to automatic re-boots but the older Arlo cameras keep going and drain their batteries, and they don’t automatically re-connect, so there is a solid 30-minute project to restore all cameras after the base station goes down. I’m really considering chucking the thousands I’ve spent on Arlo to see if Blink really is superior.

An account notification that the base station is offline would help.

I see several reasons noted in the postings, such as power outage.

It could also be as simple as permanent or temporary lack of internet.


Is there any way to get notifications if our system gets turned off or goes offline? We are concerned about our teenagers unplugging the system and sneaking out while we are asleep - then plugging it back in before we wake up. We are thinking of safety issues - especially with virus.


If there is not current technology for this - is there any reason to hope that at some point in near future - arlo will have technology that can be added for this issue?


Thank you


It would be good if the cloud could send an alert when the system went offline (or came back online).

I use Arlo in my home, summer house and my office.
Sometimes a system goes down due to electric shortage or internet disruption - and I do not get a notification! This is SO key to trust a system! Must be so easy to fix! Am I missing something?
(So you can disable someone’s Arlo System w/o triggering any alarm nor notification by pulling the power to the place!?)

@BoboKrull - I notice with joy that @JamesC merged your comment. That means he has seen it, and hopefully will reply soon!

After all, this thread has only been going for 6 years without a response from Arlo. I'm sure a security system going offline without notification isn't really a major flaw.


p.s. STAY HOME you eejits.


It’s a total joke. I think we should all be insisting on a full refund as the product is not fit for purpose 


Without having read all comments -  the need is simply (and basically):

1) Get an alert when one of the devices is OFF-internett
Suggested solution: If the basestation the devices is controlled by is on the internet - Let the BASESTATION trigger the alert

2) Get an alert when the power is off on the Basestation
Suggested solution: An Arlo Central function that makes the alert if no contact.<
How often to check for contact? At a minium maybe 7 minutes but preferably more often..

The ALERT: I would suggest the APP to carry the alert (not email) since you can configure your phone for how to react BUT if faster implementation = email so YES (if possible to implement the best is if the APP gets the alert)


I don't know why Arlo users still bother with this topic...…..been around for years now. Could it be any more obvious this is never going to be an Arlo feature, as it sounds like a not so difficult one to develop, Arlo has pretty much decided against it.

For whatever reason(s) they will not ever consider nor bother with this, their products still sell so why worry about it?


PS: This topic was initiated on March 1, 2015 - totally ignored for 5+ years. 


@Paul_FCCL I think people keep submitting because they don't have the benefit of the history and upon purchasing and installing Arlo systems they learn that this feature, which one would assume to be a basic capability of a security camera system, is missing.


I agree with you that it is not likely to be addressed after all this time unless people stop buying Arlo systems and cameras in favor of other systems that have these features.  However, those of us with a monetary investment in Arlo have a higher cost of switching and will probably continue to shout into the void.


What has been most frustrating for me is not only that I don't receive notification when the system is down but that it doesn't always come back up automatically.  And, in some cases when it doesn't come back up, the cameras continue polling for the base station and drain the batteries very quickly (day vs. months).  On top of that, the IFTTT low battery notifications have stopped working.  I guess the short summary is that the system doesn't reliably generate notification for much more than motion detection, when the cameras are online.