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Alerting Mechanism for Base Station / Camera Offline

Our installation will be very remote beach house. There is a need for mains failure detection in case intruder has deliberately switched of the power. This would be a nice sofware update feature.


Well, here we are at 2019-09-29 and I (personally) am still not getting alerts when cameras go offline. If a person doesn't know their camera is offline, then that makes a VERY LARGE SECURITY ISSUE. Suppose an intruder sneaks up behind said person's camera and SHOOTS it. That would DEFINITELY take THAT camera offline, wouldn't it. You'd think that said person would want to know about that immediately, wouldn't ya... Most security systems DO alert if the cameras go offline immediately. Is Arlo for real or just like some sort of HI-TECH TOY


I want to add my vote to this.  

I had a power outage and my system was intermittent down for 1/2 day after that due to my wifi not recovering cleanly.   Base station internet light was out.

After that, 2 days later, wanted to check my garage was closed and the cameras were offline.  Came back 5-10 minutes later on its own.  A little concerning.


Please highly consider this.  My other cloud services all notify when I they are down or cannot communicate to my house.


Hi Richard,

I'm with you. It is essential for a serious security system to get a push notification when the system is down! Otherwise Arlo is not suitable for professional usage!


Today it is quite simple to sabotage a wireless system via a jammer. Everyone can buy this for just 20 Dollar/Euro.

I'm very disappointed that Arlo didn't agree to implement this functionality up to now although it should be very simple to do so:

- Arlo knows about the status of my equipment due to the movement recognition in the cloud

- The functionality for sending push notifications is already in place

So it is just another type of event to be added within the settings.

Should be less than two days effort including testing.


I cannot understand why they are so ignorant 😠.




That's incredible ... tons of message from users and no reply at all by Arlo's Team ... Come on ! An official reply on this long awaited important feature!!! WHEN it will be available ???

Can you please implement a feature that alerts us to offline cameras? 

Ive been broken into twice. Once the camera had been offline for 1 week and it didnt record any of the break in. The 2nd time i had my bike stolen from directly under the camera and it had been offline for 48hours,

Its hardly worth having if the cameras never record anything.