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Alerting Mechanism for Base Station / Camera Offline

Our installation will be very remote beach house. There is a need for mains failure detection in case intruder has deliberately switched of the power. This would be a nice sofware update feature.


The whole crux of this seems to be that Arlo or Netgear just don't respond to feedback about their products. You'd think it would be vital for them to continue to improve the user's experience with their product but they don't seem to improve or monitor their products at all. Just concentrate on releasing new products rather than support the customers who have already sunk hundreds if not thousnd of pounds/dollars 

Absolutely, it’s very nice to discount animals triggering and other such feature but completely pointless if the base station has decided to go offline even though it is still connected to the internet and power but just sitting dumb.  I have so little confidence that I have Wi-fi sockets on both my base stations so that I can remote reboot them but only when I have gone into the app and noticed they are offline, happened again yesterday.


It’s pretty fundamental for a security device to keep itself online.


Please consider adding a feature that allows app to notify user when base loses power.


Seems like there was an update last night. It disconnected my chimes from my doorbell, meaning I've been missing deliveries. Very frustrating as one was paid to arrive before the weekend and the next working day is Tuesday given the easter holiday. There were no notificatons to say the chimes were not connected to the doorbell. 


There should be a notification when Chimes are not connected (disconnected) from the doorbell.


Please ask your team to add notifications for when a device goes offline. Every other smart home device lets you know when it goes offline. I have had a camera that goes offline almost every day and needed to be power cycled. I would miss days of recordings because I had no idea it had gone down. 



I would like to request that you add the featuring option that when the Base Station losses communion that Arlo sends a notification to the emails linked to the account that a communication loss has occurred, and then restoration. With the option to select which emails are notified. 

A key functionality of the system is the ability to enable notifications. It seems illogical to send notifications for low battery status yet send no status update at all for a total system outage.

It’s particularly worrying as neither the base unit nor cameras were able to reconnect.

I’d assumed a power outage, which would be understandable, but that wasn’t the case. If Arlo is based on unstable platform then I’d be keen to be informed. Otherwise, I’d be keen to understand the nature of the outage

This feature is a must and I’m really shocked it hasn’t been implemented yet.

Once again my base station has decided to put itself offline, it has network, it has power.  I’ve lost 6 hours of monitoring before noticing and having my smart plug reboot it.  This is happening a couple of times a month, ridiculous that A: The base stations just go offline, B: They don’t realise it and reboot themselves, C: They don’t notify the user that it’s happened 

And D.  They don’t care.