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Alerting Mechanism for Base Station / Camera Offline

Our installation will be very remote beach house. There is a need for mains failure detection in case intruder has deliberately switched of the power. This would be a nice sofware update feature.


It all depends on your level of paranoia. If needed, some routers have the capability of adding a 3/4G cell connection as a backup.

I have six cameras that are Arlo q's and they're not battery operated. So all it takes is someone to unplug those. You still are not answering my question does that mean they do not have any type of notification? Is there any discussion or talk that there will be?

You didn't say they were Q cameras and note that this is the Pro 2 (battery-operated) section. We can't read your mind.


Depending on what you're using the cameras for, you may get a video of the person unplugging up to the point of loss of power. Some folks have uses a USB battery pack that can be charged at the same time as being discharged (not all pack allow this) so power loss is then battery-backed. However, one would think an unplugger would see that, too. It would work better for whole house power cut as long as the aforementioned UPS for the modem and router is in place.


There is no notification of power or Internet loss other than by using the interface. I don't know if something like IFTTT could provide this for you.


This is mind boggling that it’s yet been implemented


Since midnight last night I am getting email notifications that my camera has been reconnected and it gives how many seconds it was disconnected.

WHY do we receive the notifications of DISCONNECTION?  That would be very helpful. And notifications on our app would be great as well.




I meant to say 
Why DON'T we receive notifications of disconnection FIRST?


This should also be applied to the arlo baby for when a stream stops etc. 


Very disappointed with Arlo's lack of customer support and refusal to take action on issues important to customers. 


Arlo lo is understandably loosing ground to competitors and in trouble. 

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Which model base station & cameras are you experiencing the issue with?


Netgear/Arlo does seem very slow to communicate with its customers. There is lots of issues in need of resolution. We need loss of internet notifications, an external siren, door sensors etc. Then it can be a full security system rather than just CCTV.