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Adjustment to the skins

The camouflage skins that are now sold are excellent. However the front of the camera is still black. 

Skins that cover the front, excludings lens etc would be better.


It seems that silicone skins are only available in the US. Please have these skins available outside of the US, especially Australia. Resellers that sell these skins do not ship to Australia except for one, and they charge more for the shipping than the price of the camera itself. Thanks.


There are 12 Night Vision LEDs behind that "black" plate, which you can see if you go near one of the cameras at night.  You would block them if you put anything over it.


Good comment. Hadn't  thought about the infra red LEDs.


I've had my 4 camera system now for two weeks and have trouble hiding the cameras in inconspicuous places. Sure they has a sleek handsome design. That works great in a busy environment. I needed something else. Before I peeled off the plastic covers on the lens I placed some additional tape over the perforations in the cover and gave the unit a quick shot of some brown spray paint in a flat color. Light enough to dust the camera brown without getting much into the buttons and creavaces, and Shazaam! I can mount it on a tree in my yard and even I have a hard time finding it. I think a black unit over the white unit would have more appeal too.

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You might be interested in the Arlo wire-free camera skins that come in a variety of colors. Take a look here:



I wrap the unit with electrical tape in the colour of choice - black of course.
Not ideal but better than nothing.

I'd like 3 grey silicone covers for disguising cameras according to needs of my house outside (eg/ I have grey roof shingles and greyish metallic posts). However, presently, I can ONLY find sets of 3 such as all Black, Black-Brown-Grey, Black-green-camo, pink-yellow-blue... with no other variety options.It would be really nice to offer options to customers to customize their color choice packages. We all have different needs for color disguise. It's silly for me to buy 3 packages where only ONE grey cover is included to finally acquire 3 grey covers.


Not all my Arlo Pro cameras are attach to my home and skined in black silicon.  I have two locations near the ground offset from the structure and am wondering how many folks would be intersted a product like the new Arlo Go's camo skin (which is a more Ghillie than just flat 2D camo) to mount an Arlo Pro cam?  

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The Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. We greatly appreciate the communities contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on it's potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


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I would like to order a mix of skins in a combination that is not available in one of the standard 3 packs. In other words, I'd like to select the skin color myself and build my own package. Is there a way one can order a black, green, camo, and brown either as a bundle or individually?

I did not see a way to do this online.. It seems that restricting folks to pre-defined sets dictates to the customer what they must buy and does not allow for choice.


I hope this feedback is helpful.