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Add the Arlo Doorbell To The Smartthings Integration

Please make the Arlo Doorbell available in the Smartthings integration


I loved my arlo pro 3 cameras so much I purchased the audio door bell. Didn't realize it wasn't compatible with smart things. I returned it. I will purchase the video if it's compatible otherwise I guess it's Skybell or Ring for me 



I recently purchased Samsung Smartthings Hub V3. It let's me integrate the different smart home stuff I already have into one system. One of the reasons that bought it was that it has Arlo support. I already have four pro cameras and a doorbell. The cameras integrated perfectly but I found no support for the doorbell (yet 🙂)

Please add the doorbell to the Smartthings integration. So I don't have to replace it with another product.



Please connect smartthings and arlo doorbell


Please make my doorbell visible in Samsung Smartthings.


Please make the Arlo Audio Doorbell compatible with the Samsung Smarthings hub. 


Please add SmartThings support.  I don't do much in the way of smart home tech but I just set up my Arlo Video Doorbell and would like to be able to add an Arlo Chime for my second floor but I cannot without an Arlo Hub which I won't be buying since I don't have a need for one other than to set up the Chime.


One more vote for integrating the audio doorbell with SmartThings!


I can't believe the doorbell isn't integrated in smartthings!