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Add more than one schedule.

Currently there is only one schedule.  It would be very helpful to be able to make more than one Schedule. 

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What are the hours & days of the desired schedule, including the time you would like the schedule to be when the babysitter is at your home? 


Thanks for your rapid response ShayneS.

I would like the following:
All cameras on Geofencing all the time
When away - all cameras armed except 2-8pm on a Thursday afternoon/evening.
When home - all cameras disarmed, except all armed from midnight to 6am every day.
It is an additional issue, but I desperately would like the ability to switch all cameras off for a temporary period (say you could choose 1-8 hours).  Ideally you could choose to disarm or just stop notifications for this period.  Currently if we have a serviceman or get the babysitter on the different day of the week, we have to go in and disarm the cameras to prevent all the notifications and then we forget to turn them all on again for days later leaving the property unmonitored.
Thanks for your help
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Hi GeoJoe,


Unfortunately having two schedules is currently not available. I asked for your hours/days in hopes I could help create a more intricate schedule for you. You would have to use one of the two options you provided for your custom schedule. If you would like to post this in the Idea Exchange Board you may. 


I love the Arlo system. I have the base station and 8 cameras. All is good with one nagging exception. There is only 1 schedule available. Please add the capability to create multiple schedule modes. Included with this feature would be the ability to copy an existing schedule, then modify it so you don't have to start from scratch. Life isn't always the same every week so it is really necessary to have this. A similar type of system that has this capability is Sensi thermostats.





I’m surprised that multiple schedules hasn’t been added after 3 years. It must be one of the easiest task to do and I can’t see any downside to add it.

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What would be a great feature is to keep geofencing on and being able to have the schedule work at the same time. 

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Hi @dolf1n


You may use a schedule while adjusting the home & away mode within Geofencing. Have you had a chance to look in to this mode/setting yet?


There totally needs to be a second schedule - as many people have said, this would totally make the geofencing feature more powerful.

For me, I would like to choose different schedules for when I'm home or away. E.g. when I'm home I would like to set up armed and disarmed states at various times, and when I'm out, I would like to activate armed modes that either do or don't send me notifications at various times.

Adding a second schedule mode shouldn't take more than a day for any decent software developer, if even that long.

I would like to be able to have 2 different schedules for the geo fencing option. I work swing shift and need an away schedule and a different home schedule. Please help me with this.