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Add more than one schedule.

Currently there is only one schedule.  It would be very helpful to be able to make more than one Schedule. 


Hey Arlo engineers Robot Happy / @JamesC


When are we going to see this feature implemented?! Robot Sad It should be just a matter of letting users create new "Schedule modes" which is actually a type of mode you already support! Robot surprised

Come on! The community is asking for this since a while now! Robot Frustrated


Thanks!!! Robot wink


Christian -


I agree with the need for at least two schedules, one for home and one for away.  I have a similar use case to what has already been shared:  HOME - Sun-Sat, Cameras 1-4 armed from 10 PM - 5:59 AM and Sun-Sat Camera 1 only armed from 6 AM to 9:59 PM.  AWAY - Cameras 1-4 armed at all times except Cameras 2-4, Mon-Fri, 6 AM - 9:59 PM.  Please add support for two schedules ASAP!  Thanks!


I know this issue has been raised a number of times, but allowing for an alternate schedule in conjunction with Geofencing would be very beneficial.  Example, when geofencing is in away mode, run schedule 1, when in home mode use schedule 2.  I have several cameras on the exterior and I have some exterior lights that come on at a certain time and go off at a certain time, unfortunately, the Arlo cameras see this lights on or off as motion and I get an alert when they come on, and when they shut off.  Every Day when I am not home.  I would like to be able to have a schedule when away that I can temporarily switch modes for a few minutes around these lights on and off times, so these specific cameras don't send me an alert as they will not be in the set mode for say 1 minute.  I can do that when in home mode as I have geofencing set to schedule when home (cameras are disarmed from 6:00 am to 11:59 pm and armed from 12:00 am until 6:00 am) so the lights on and off is not a problem when home, but it is when away.  Sometimes I am away for a month or longer so you can see these daily alerts are irritating.


Unless someone can suggest a way to accomplish this without two seperate schedules



On nights that I work, I work a minimum of two days in a row. The schedule mode does not allow me to, for ex: set recording from
Sat. 8pm-11:59pm to Sun. 12am-5am.
Sun. 8pm-11:59pm. To Mon. 12am-5am Etc...
Meaning basically that it wont allow you to set more than one recording schedule per day.

It would be awesome if it did so I would not have to keep remembering to set the cameras to record each night.
Unless Im missing something here.

It is really not possible to set up certain more complex scenarios without a second schedule. So yes, please include this in one of the next releases. Thanks!


I see this is an old post, but I agree it would be nice to have availability to choose different schedules based off of time of year. In Indiana, in the winter months it is dark at 5pm, and no children playing in the yard at that time, so my cameras are set to record. In the summer is isn’t dark until 9:30 and there are times the children are playing in the yard until then, I have to adjust my schedules so I do not get unwanted recordings and alerts. Please consider making this addition, I think it definitely has its values.


I rent my house out on Airbnb, and want to have two different scheduled modes -- one for when there are renters in the house and one for when there aren't.  Right now Arlo assumes there's simply one schedule that covers everything.  


This should be a simple fix -- allowing one of possibly multiple schedules to be chosen for the current mode.  What are the chances this will be implemented?  


More modes and schedules would be great! I agree the existing options are far too "binary" and restrictive to meet a lot of people's use cases.


Agree!  This is needed!  Any other ways around this?  I'd like to be able to have a schedule based on if I'm home vs anotehr scehdule based on if I'm away.


Totally agree, it is disappointing Arlo has not created the ability to add multiple schedules.  


I use geofencing and want it to disarm when home but be armed overnight (12am to 6am) - one schedule.  When I'm away I want it to be armed but disarmed one afternoon a week when babysitters come - a second schedule.  So I would like to have it set up on geofencing and when Home set to Schedule one, and when Away set to Schedule two.  


Is this too much to ask?