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Add Motion detection zones (s) in Arlo Pro

Currently, Arlo and Arlo Pro does NOT have a motion dectection zones. I can only zoom in/out of an area.


I would like to have a motion dectection zones, so it will trigger video reconding of the whole area when object enter the zone.


Right now, if I don't zoone out. camera trigger by street traffic, but when I zoom out I have a very limit area in the recording, so I cannot tell what car the person stop by my door drove away with.


This feature is already availabe in Arlo Q, why not put it in Arlo Pro?


I don't see why smart zone functionality can't be done in the cloud.


I know that the Arlo Pro/Wire free is in sleep mode most of the time to save battery and then when activity is sensed by the PIR the camera is woken to start recording (apparently within 150 nano seconds with the Arlo Pro). Once the camera is woken and it starts sending images to the Arlo servers the images will be analysed for humans/dogs/cars/whatever (for the Arlo Pro) and then the object detection will decide whether to send an alert or record etc. I don't see why setting a smart zone can't be done in the cloud at the same time as the object detection. This way we will still get smart zone detection but the cameras do not have to be on 24/7. This could be a software upgrade/solution done at the server end. This could also be done for the current Arlo wire free as well.


Activity zones could be toggled on/off for each cameras that are in fixed positions only.  Obviously if the camera is moved these would have to be reset.  But most cameras would only be moved to change batteries anyway.


Just an idea for Netgear to consider if they haven't already.  I had posted this in a reply about Arlo Pro zones but I think it could be an idea that could be used for both Arlo Pro and Arlo wire free.


Just so your aware... the PIR device that senses, covers the entire field of view regardless of the cropping of the picture you see.

( both Arlo and Arlo Pro)


To TomMac,


Yeah you are right!!, I zoom'ed in on my drive way in hoping that road traffic won't trigger Arlo Pro, unless someone pull in to my drive way. Now, I just have a bunch of videos without any movement in it.


The zoom and Pan feature is useless!!! Give us the activity zone please!!!




The zoom and Pan feature is useless!!! Give us the activity zone please!!!


It does have it's usage but not in that case

I would love this also. I have some cameras that cover my front street and they activate every time a car drives by.

When the camera includes this feature I will buy them for my whole house.  
Any idea if it's in the works???  Has Arlo even acknowledged that this is a popularly demanded feature?

I'm wondering if it's battery related that it is absent. It'd be nice to be a feature when what's plugged in if possible.

PEOPLE....this is about as simple of a video system you can get.  Look at your DIDNOT pay $2500.00, not even $1500.00...


If you must have a camera that has all these Activity-Motion Sensing Windows-Boxes, let me suggest you buy an Axis product and have it setup and recording in 5 guys are hilarious!!!!


These Arlo systems do a phenomenal job for their PURPOSE....


Next complaint...?





Are you living in 1981 and still think a cellular phone cost $5000 dollar? You think what I ask for is unreasonable for the price? and need a Window computer to run it?????


Like I mention at the very first post, motion detection zone is ALREADY on Arlo Q, but not availabe on Arlo and Arlo Pro. Why the heck not? Arlo and Arlo Pro being battery powered, I don't want to record all activity all time and waste battery.


The Ring Camera is battey powered at $199, it has motion detection zone(s) and user can set the zone to polygon shape:


The whole point of Arlo system is not having to hardwire old school camera system like Axis.


My feedback here to improve this product not a complaint since multiple people here also find this feature useful.


Actually what you ask is pretty unreasonable as it is simply impossible to achieve locally (see my last paragraph) on a battery operated system. Systems that allow you to set detection zones require constant power as the motion detection uses the live camera feed and software to detect changes to the picture in the "zones".

The Arlo Q has a constant power supply hence it is able to do this in this exact way.


This simply cannot be achieved with a battery powered system where the IR PIR simply detects motion in front of the camera and then turns the camera on and starts to record. It is the price we have to pay for the flexibility of the Arlo.


You also mention the Ring, well that is the Ring PRO, this version is NOT battery powered, it is hard wired to your ~14v doorbell power supply. The normal battery powered Ring doorbell does NOT have Zone functionality. I know as I have both.


However, Netgear are apparently working on algorithms that may be able to 'prioritize' alerts/recordings based on analysis of the footage once the cameras are triggered and the footage hits the Netgear servers. It can then send the relevant push alerts to your devices. However the only issue with this would obviously be the time delay factor. This would work in a similar way to zones as the software on their servers would analyse the picture and if the movement was outside of your selected zone then it would not alert you and or even record the footage. However the camera would still have to be triggered with any motion in front of it for this to even happen. This is the ONLY way we will get anything similar to being able to set zones on any battery operated system.