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Activate a certain mode when connected to home wifi network (alternate mode to geofencing)

If I get connected to the same wifi-network with a defined smartphone/tablet, the mode of the arlo wire free or arlo q should automatically switch to another mode, for example "deactivated". This mode is an alternative to the geofencing-mode, but it's quite easier to program I think...


I like this idea too! I have been trying to use the GPS based Geofencing and have not had it function properly yet, NOT ONE TIME! There has always been some issue with the GPS and once it happens away from home it will not find "home" until I get back home. Making it Wifi should fix that issue. 


It's unrealistic to grant the Arlo app full-time access to location services. It would be wiser to trigger events based on our phone's connectivity to a specific Wifi network. For example, if phone is connected to a Wifi network named 'Home_Wifi', select a specific mode (myDisarmed Mode), and if phone is disconnected from 'Home_Wifi', select another mode (myArmed Mode).

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This is an excellent idea! Why did none of the devs / mods here yet say anything to it after nearly half a year?

Terrific idea! Geogencing needs more accurate triggering definitely. Not usable for me as it is.


my experience:

My Geofencing is erratic (so I cannot use it, except to test now and then.)


I have to turn Arlo off and on (set to Away or Home) "manually" on my phone--before going into, or upon leaving, my house.


Sometimes there's a delay and lots of extra clicking involved, because Arlo sometimes "cannot retrieve status". So I force stop the app (in the App manager), then sign in to Arlo app again. Then I can finally change the home/away mode. It delays you when leaving your home and/or returning home.  


When I occasionally try geofencing, it often switches to "away" while I am still at home -- and sometimes fails to switch to "away" when I drive away (I have it on small radius, and it only works now and then.)


Is there any news about geofencing being fixed as of Jan 2018? This thread is from early 2017 -- it still needs attention! IMHO

btw, I have my phone location settings set to the most accurate possible - Samsung s6., Arlo pro


I'll start a new thread if no solutions come up shortly 🙂


Agreed!! GEOFENCING is terribly unreliable, especially when returning home. Many times I have come home and triggered my camera's all around the house because the location trigger didn't work. WiFi Trigger and or Bluetooth trigger would work better. Say your phone connects to your vehicle's bluetooth and starts a 30 second timer to activate your Arlo away and armed status. Either would work considerably better than the current option. C'mon Netgear, get it in gear.

To make the Geofencing more robust, make the Arlo app take note of which wifi network you are successfully connected to to disarm.


I find the Geofencing feature a real dealbreaker when it comes to cloud-based, consumer-grade security products like Arlo. But I've found out how bad the Arlo Geofencing feature is. I've had it randomly not notice I'm out of zone or randomly activate away mode while I'm actually still in zone. Sometimes it just plain doesn't want to work properly. I'd say my success rate is 75% at best, and for something seemingly so simple to impliment, this is not acceptible. My phone often connects to my wifi first before Arlo disarms, even though my zone is set to large and I'm constantly on a data connection. So if Arlo can notice that my wifi is connected successfully (to prevent potential spoofing of SSIDs or MAC as to successfully connect you'd need to have set the right wlan key) and then disarm, that'd be a GREAT backup to when either the mobile data network is down or is not providing adequate reception. My phone connects to my wifi a few meters away from the actual house, so there's plenty of time to disarm. Whatever route the Arlo team takes, I suggest improving Geofencing! It's the ONLY stand out feature in my view that would sway potential buyers.

I work close to home.... so close in fact that even though I’m not home I haven’t traveled far enough for geofencing to see that I’ve left. Judging by other comments the system has some trouble with location anyway. Is there not a way for the app to detect when the users phone is on the same WiFi network as the base station and use that as a trigger to say the user is home or away?

This is a GREAT idea


This is a great idea. I stopped using my Arlo over a year ago when Geofencing stopped working. NetGear never explained why it worked great then stopped. My suspicion is they just don't know. Anyway, this would work for me. I am the ONLY user. My wife finds these devices useless and prefers the other reliable cameras. So my device is the only one the base station need connect with. This may enable me to resume using the Arlo and stop posting comments on other sites and to clients that Arlo has become useless.  I never even considered Arlo for my vacation home! Too flacky! 

Instead of tying the Geofencing option to our GPS location, tie it to the wifi router (or option for multiple routers for mesh network) to aid in accuracy.