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Access Log/History

It would be great to have a basic or advanced log/history feature, first of all to see who of my friends logged to the system and at what time, also to ensure that nobody is using my account (in case hacked or someone stole my credentials). Also it would be better to send any of the above activities by email or SMS notifications so that in case someone hacked my account and accessed the cameras I will have the chance to immediately take action. A dual authentication might be useful as well where whenever there is a login attempt, I will receive a pin on my mobile which I need to input on the login screen... As nowadays security is a must, in my opinion the above would give a higher ranking for your product and a better customer satisfaction.


I agree, I was notified that a new device just logged in,  but I don't know who or where.


How has this not been added in 4 years? I mean it's not like your poor Arlo. 


I mean its already there for you to program around and pull the information. 


Arguably I'm going to need to switch systems without one as I've now enough cameras and users to need to see when someone purposely or unintentionally makes the system offline or deletes files etc. 




This definitely needs to be implemented, almost 5 years later come on Arlo.


This would offer a lot of peace of mind to your users.


Yes please!
Events I would like to see in the history/log: What mode was turned on, password change, device battery low warning sent, device turned off/on, siren activated/deactivated, etc...
This log would show a time stamp for each event and the user (system, user 1, user 2, etc...).