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Access Log/History

It would be great to have a basic or advanced log/history feature, first of all to see who of my friends logged to the system and at what time, also to ensure that nobody is using my account (in case hacked or someone stole my credentials). Also it would be better to send any of the above activities by email or SMS notifications so that in case someone hacked my account and accessed the cameras I will have the chance to immediately take action. A dual authentication might be useful as well where whenever there is a login attempt, I will receive a pin on my mobile which I need to input on the login screen... As nowadays security is a must, in my opinion the above would give a higher ranking for your product and a better customer satisfaction.


Two cameras (out of three) at a remote location keep going off line, even with fresh batteries.


  • current version 2.7.2 3/22/2019
  • camera version H7 firmware 1.3.314


This is impossible to troubleshoot since there are no logs available.  Sometimes a camera is off-line for several days without me knowing, unless I manually check every day.


As users of this product, we need (among other things)


system logs that record

  • battery status
  • camera status
  • when a camera disconnects / goes off-line
  • when a camera connects / comes back on-line
  • every time a camera detects motion
  • a daily digest e-mail with this information would be nice, too

some type of function that automatically tries to connect off-line cameras

  • I shouldn't have to drive 15 miles to reset a camera
  • especially when they go off-line several times a month

local storage ability

  • the base station has a USB port
  • users should be able to attach a hard drive or other storage device to store video files locally
  • in addition to the cloud storage feature
  • my understanding is that this feature is available with the same base station using the PRO cameras
  • so it should be a simple matter of a firmware update?
  • some videos are not available in the cloud storage
  • and I suspect it's because the upload connection is so slow it causes network congestion
  • but I really can't tell without system logs (see above)


Thank you.


Hi All, 

I am deeply concerned that Arlo has not implemented any advanced security features which give you


  1. Access logs about your cameras
  2. Access logs to your camera video streams(by a third party or another user)
  3. Simple things like 2 step authentication!
  4. Disable all sessions
  5. See history of logins from various devices

Is there a reason why Arlo is not offering  these improved secrity features to its users?