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Access Log/History

It would be great to have a basic or advanced log/history feature, first of all to see who of my friends logged to the system and at what time, also to ensure that nobody is using my account (in case hacked or someone stole my credentials). Also it would be better to send any of the above activities by email or SMS notifications so that in case someone hacked my account and accessed the cameras I will have the chance to immediately take action. A dual authentication might be useful as well where whenever there is a login attempt, I will receive a pin on my mobile which I need to input on the login screen... As nowadays security is a must, in my opinion the above would give a higher ranking for your product and a better customer satisfaction.


Really after the recent data breach with this company requiring us to reset our passwords shows the system can be breached and our accounts viewed by uninvited. 


The least they could do after 2 years of asking from thie thread and the recent breach to show they are listening to our concerns is implement a logging system however simple. 


The only reason I can think of that they havent is breaches are very frequent and logs go to prove this! 


I am the only person with my login and I have seen the camers flashing lights etc even when not armed.


Hope they get their act together and implement this simple request beyond that ill have to use wireshark to inspect incoming packets on my network and see if I can find something that way.




I’ve been asking for Arlo to create this for years now, years! It’s quite bizarro that a security camera developer/provider does not even have the security protocols for log in’s/IP address sign-on for total security. How does this even compute? That should be a basic function in today’s world. This is slacker, poor.  I’ve had the Arlo for years, no responses, nothing new, no security enhancements.  The doorbell does not have the functionality of Nest or Ring.  I’m not a happy camper at this point, feel duped by lack of technology and roll out improvements. 


Hey Arlo where is your Technology? You need to keep up!  We’ve had this system for years now and zero internal user security for log in history/tracking, etc ... the technology is out there and has been for many years, we’ve all (community) offered super-EASY protocols to impart for an eon! You’re losing so many prospects and even more by making your existing customers upset by no updates on basic technology we’ve been asking for for over 2 years now.  What is going on!?  We are all looking elsewhere for true implementation of security even after investing so much $ in Arlo already. You guys have run out of time. We must have a true “security” package er else it’s worthless. Hackers/PERVerts (pervert ex that hacked me) are everywhere, we need safe guards, this is real life. 




This morning when trying to log into my arlo account, I was informed my password was incorrect, and iOS touchid also failed to log me in.  I had to perform a password reset to regain access.  I use a local password manager and never had issues logging in with it previously, so it's highly unlikely that between the password manager and TouchId I wouldn't be able to log in unless my credentials had been changed.


After a discussion with Arlo Support, I was informed that access/activity logs are not available for our accounts, so I have no way of verifying if this was just an anamoly or if my account had been compromised.  I would like to request a feature that provides users the ability to review any login activity and account settings changes activity that occurred on their account.



 - nulli386


Agreed. Arlo is slow, and the support for "security" is non-existent.


It is really strange that the "security system" doesn't have access logs.. like if Arlo wouldn't care about security at all.. so, maybe it also has hardcoded credentials in cameras???


So, I just had a discussion with Arlo Live Support and they confirmed that there are no access logs at all.. I guess it is the main reason why they can't provide them. In my opinion, it means that these cameras do not meet basic security requirements. I would assume that it is better to not use these cameras anywhere where they can capture something private.. at least I will remove them from my house asap because I can't be sure that no one is spying on me..

I have the Arlo pro with 5 cameras. Please add a log of camera armed status and when it changes. if someone hacks your system and gains access And changes them to UNARMED and later returned status to armed, there is no records of this occurring!. It has happened to me! Please fix this

While user-accessible logs could be useful, it's pretty unlikely that someone hacked your system. If you really think they did, change your password immediately - same as for any security issue on any platform/app/site. Most (all?) of us users aren't that important that someone would hack in.


There have been reports of modes changing improperly, seemingly on their own. My suggestion is to use a computer browser to make any changes to modes, rules or schedule. The app may or may not show what the web does so use a browser any time something seems to be up.


There scould be a log in the app/web there you can se the last notofications from the careas, lights and bridges etc.  It will help to keep an overview of what happens to the system at any time. Support has such a log - can we access one in the app or web page?