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2nd factor Authenication added to the login process



I tried to search for this idea, but didn't see anything.


I would like to see 2nd factor authenication options added to the login process.




It's not just cameras but the whole IoT spectrum. I agree, this is essential.


By 2 factor authentication, is it a second password or something like memorable data (mother's maiden name, first pet etc.)?

For Apple users at least, either Touch ID or Face ID should be sufficient (I assume Android phones have something similar). By which I mean if a hacker tried to hack in, they should be asked for fingerprint or face ID too?

Are there any plans to add this Feature? Especially when considering the recent security breaches with Nest.

Please add this for security of our home camera system

First of all, please don’t close or lock this thread like you have with the last 2FA thread.

Please give us an ETA on 2 factor Authentication implementation? This should be (no questions asked) No 1 on your development schedule now and you should have an idea of when it is coming?

I think that if you don’t have any ETA, or just close this thread then we can all assume that you are concentrating more on new products and abandoning the security of your existing customer base. Hence, we should all move to more responsible and secure products?

We look forward to your detailed response?

Is the Arlo development team working on adding 2FA feature? Please add this feature, as well as being able to "save" trusted devices. Thanks.

When will Arlo give an ETA on 2FA? The current log-in implementation for Arlo web portal is extremely weak.  If left as is, it is likely that an Arlo hack will get into the news soon.  Please, please fix this weakness


With millions of account hacked, with even competitor, nest, has obseved hacked into customer account, how can I trust 4 Arlo cameras that I have. Am I the only one who is watching my house from inside and outside or is there any hacker also watching me?

This thread has been discussed for more than 2 years here. It is really sad that product owner of the web-site do not even read the thread.


If 2FA, doesn't get added into a month, I would rather move out of Arlo as not sure who is watching my house other than me.



This company are a complete joke now in the IOT world. Shareholders are getting p’d with the MD and the lack of customer support and poorly backed new products is really becoming an issue. I am now actively looking at an alternative and a way to sell all my arlo kit as missing features like this which are ESSENTIAL has become too much of a risk for me.


Just tried a few things on changing my password, and unless I was doing something wrong the Arlo systems can’t even accept a special character like a full stop “.”

or hyphen “-“ in the password


The people working for this company should be ashamed of themselves - you don’t even allow us to set complex passwords?


please somebody tell me I did something wrong?


2FA should be a given if this is really how they expect us to “secure” our homes?....