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Arlo Go Power Settings



I am needing some suggtions on how to keep the battery draining so fast on the Arlo Go. Here is the situation, we are a home builder and we've had some thefts lately from some of our job sites. We purchased 6 cameras to watch random site, out of the 6 only two cameras have any battery life left. The cameras are installed on a pole hooked up to the solar panel that is recommneded for this product, they aren't connected to any power. Anyway, we can't seem to keep the cameras up long enough to actually be useful. Since I'm new to this products, I'm hoping someone could provide me some setting that I can change to keep our battery life from draining so fast. I did finally get managment to agree with me to use a schedule 6:00pm to 6:00am with one camera. I'm convience it's draining so fast because it's active all the time in high construction traffic during the day. However, this is just a guess. What setitng would you recommend that I change from default? They don't want to change the power manamgent to lower, even though it says it would save on battery. They would also prefer to stay with the current setup with mounted on a pole with no power near by.


I'm at a loss here and I sure could use someone help.


Thank you.



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Re: Arlo Go Power Settings

Spec battery life is for <5 minutes per day of total recording and live view usage. High traffic will cause many recordings (obviously) which you can check by adding up the number of recordings per camera and multiplying by the length of the recordings. Your solution of activating only at night is a good step.


Cell reception is another consideration. If the cell signal is weak, the camera will struggle to maintain its connection, causing the battery to deplete. The solar panels are trickle chargers so won't maintain the battery if the battery drain is large for any reason. 


A possible workaround, if you don't have AC power available to run the cameras, is to use a USB battery bank to extend the runtime of the cameras. Of course, you'd need one for each camera and the ability to replace/recharge them as appropriate. The biggest caveats would be 1) the ability for the battery to provide power under low power consumption circumstances, such as when the camera is asleep, and 2) weather-tighness of the connections.

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Re: Arlo Go Power Settings

Do you know what USB battery bank which might work with the Arlo Go?

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Re: Arlo Go Power Settings

Others have posted success with various batteries but I have no experience. I suspect you will just have to research this topic to find the right one.

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